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Monday, April 5th 2010, 4:45pm

Author: I'm hopeful

IN THE NEWS - Fertility stories making the headlines

I can't believe how selfish those couples are - we all spend thousands just to have a baby, never mind what sex the baby is. So ungrateful - I'd like to give em a piece of my mind!! xx

Thursday, March 18th 2010, 9:41am

Author: I'm hopeful

Things they don't tell you before you get pregnant!

Absouletly brilliant ladies, laughing my head off!!! Only got my BFP 2 days ago, the wind has started already But really looking forward to the rest of it!!!!

Saturday, December 26th 2009, 9:28pm

Author: I'm hopeful

Wessex Fertility Limited, Southampton

Hi sooz, Very interested in what u said about wessex, they blamed egg quality - then i asked for amh test and i'm fine, please could you inbox with info about the clinic you recommend location cost etc. Thank u xxxx

Saturday, December 5th 2009, 5:01pm

Author: I'm hopeful

EGG COLLECTION - General questions

Stay calm hun, you will jump each hurdle as they come, but there is nothing you can do, it's all totally out of your control. I freak out because I'm not in control, but really as hard as it is, try not to think about it. Find something to keep you busy to keep your mind from wandering. I wish you all the very best - fingers crossed for you all xx

Sunday, November 15th 2009, 3:47pm

Author: I'm hopeful

Zero fert on ICSI number 4

Bouncy - my friend, I am so so sorry. I had no idea you were going again. Sending you a massive cyber hug, I wish I could give you a real one. Thinking of you. Lots of Love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, August 26th 2009, 7:57pm

Author: I'm hopeful

Sperm Count worse....Please advise

Hi Rach, I have no help to offer but I do know exactly how you feel as my DH's sperm keeps decreasing. We won't find out till end Oct what we are looking at (another round of ICSI or donor IUI). Pm me if you want a chat. I'm off on holiday on Friday for 2 weeks, but will reply when I'm back. Take care and big hugs xxx

Thursday, July 30th 2009, 7:33pm

Author: I'm hopeful

Just when your having a good day!

We've all had days like that babe, but you'll be ok, and just think about how special your news will be one day, don't give up the hope! Hope you've got a glass on wine and a bar of chocolate to cheer you up and have some me time! Run yourself a bath and grab a trashy magazine and forget for an hour or so!! Take care - and remember always get everything off your chest! xxxx

Thursday, July 30th 2009, 7:25pm

Author: I'm hopeful

varicose vein in testis??

Thanks babe, fingers crossed for you both too xx

Thursday, July 30th 2009, 7:23pm

Author: I'm hopeful

Low sperm count - what does this mean??

The wessex in southampton is your closest private hospital, but you will be referred to Princess Anne. I have had to ICSI due to low sperm count feel free to email me and ask any questions, as you won't be able to acces pm's until you have made 25 posts. Hope this helps xx

Tuesday, July 28th 2009, 9:31pm

Author: I'm hopeful

varicose vein in testis??

Hi Shell, My DP has recently had the operation to tie his vericole. He was off work a week, went back but then got an infection. We think he went back to early (his an electrician) but he seems to be fine now. Watch this space he has to redo his SA in sept and we have a follow up in oct. His count was also {2million/ml. Hope to have some good news for you soon!! xx

Monday, June 22nd 2009, 9:23am

Author: I'm hopeful

Hampshire Clinic - first round of IUI

Hi Lolly, I haven't heard of Hampshire clinic, or are you asking about a clinic in Hampshire?? xx

Sunday, June 21st 2009, 2:53pm

Author: I'm hopeful

Donor sperm counselling

Most clinic's want you to have at least 2 sessions. Just to talk through any implications through the future and any worries you have x

Saturday, June 6th 2009, 12:24pm

Author: I'm hopeful

Feeling really confused - please help!!!

sorry I can't offer advice, but wanted to send you a I hope your next scan gives you some more answers xx

Wednesday, May 6th 2009, 10:02pm

Author: I'm hopeful

Faint positive again

excellent news about the scan xxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, April 29th 2009, 1:05pm

Author: I'm hopeful

Sarah Jessica Parker to be a mum through surrogacy

Good for you Eeyore, I'm glad your comments got published - I hate ignorant people and I hope when they read your comments they feel really guilty!! A@*$HOLES!! all of them - you go girl!! Behind you, no next to you all the way!! I'm really chuffed for SJP!!xxxxxxxxxxx

Wednesday, April 29th 2009, 9:59am

Author: I'm hopeful

IVF drugs and work

Hi hun, with regards to scans your hospital should be open early enough for you to nip in and have them before you go off to work. So that should solve that problem. Everyone reacts totally different to the drugs. When I d/r I had the worst headaches, but just keep drinking plenty of water. I was advised to drink 2 pints of milk a day at my first clinic to help build up the egg quality. I pressume your taking supplements? And DH? If not then have a search as there are lots of different things yo...

Monday, April 27th 2009, 10:23pm

Author: I'm hopeful

hopeful as ever!!

Thanks for your advice everyone, just to let you know, a day late again second month. AF arrived early this morning, a killer and real heavy!! Looks like it's defo donor, saw our consultant today. So the small glimer of hope it may ever happen naturally has completely gone. I wish everyone loads of luck TTC. Jen - your sig is excellent, really chuffed for you hun xxxxxxxx

Thursday, April 23rd 2009, 3:38pm

Author: I'm hopeful

Faint positive again

Fee - this is amazing, praying it's all perfect for you hun xxxxxxx