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Monday, March 6th 2017, 11:35pm

Author: 2lovelygirls

Embarrassing Tantrums

Hi Debs (I think we may have spoken before many years ago - my username used to be jen2 8 8) anyways I too have a fiesty 7 (nearly 8 year old). She is super sensitive and blows up like a bottle of pop at the slightest thing. I have just discovered something that is really working for us! When she does something naughty instead of sending her to her room / timeout / punishment straight away ( I used to give her a warning followed by sometimes an empty threat e.g we wont be going to trampolining t...

Monday, March 6th 2017, 11:18pm

Author: 2lovelygirls

7 year old with really low self esteem

Hello Everyone I used to chat on this forum several years ago while I was ttc but have had to create a new login. I am really struggling with my eldest DD at the moment. I'll give you a bit of background. When DD1 arrived she was a fiesty, chatty, quite loud at times, fun, confident little girl. She was quite the opposite of me and DH who are both quite quiet and reserved in our nature. DD2 is 3 years younger and is too quite quiet and reserved. DD1 is now 7 nearly 8 and is wonderful in many way...