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Sunday, July 5th 2009, 9:41pm

Author: gerihicks

Increasing breast milk production

LOL yes. I got some way back then, but I had to order it from Africa (I am from Canada!). I have another baby now though that I am b/f so this is still useful to me. Does the Bach's have alcohol in it? Is it ok?

Sunday, July 5th 2009, 4:02pm

Author: gerihicks

Is This Right?

It's 50 ml/day for the Blackthorn berry Elixir? That's only 10 days per large size!

Thursday, August 16th 2007, 9:24pm

Author: gerihicks

Increasing breast milk production

Its ok if its getting frustrating...I know the stuff is damn near impossible for Canadians/Americans to get...almost need to search out the Black Market...I've searched everywhere...the Rehidrat stuff is hard to find that like powdered electrolyte drink?

Wednesday, August 15th 2007, 2:39am

Author: gerihicks



Tuesday, August 14th 2007, 7:31pm

Author: gerihicks

RE: Increasing breast milk production

Hi I was just wondering if you had any websites that ship internationally that supply all these products...I'm having a heck of a time finding them and I would really like to. Thank you!