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Friday, December 11th 2009, 5:08pm

some words of reassurance

Hi all,

I am writing this post with tears in my eyes as I looks like i have reached the end of my thether.

My daughter is nearly 7 monthe old.She never has been a huge milk drinker but for last 3 months most of her feed have been while she was asleep.Someoe we were mamnging to get her take between 20-25 0z(she was drinking 1 -2 0z while she was awake).For last 2 weeks thing s heve deterioarted and she is hardly drinking anything while she is awake and we have been only managing 16-20 0z.I have been trying weaning but she keeps on spitting it out especially milk based products.

We had SALt apt and they suggested that it might be reflux.

I don't know what to do as I was planning to join work back in feb ,I don't think any nursery setting would entertain her. I feel so exhausted and shattered as I am mostly on my own with my partner having long working hours.I don't have any family support around me.

What shall I do to make her drink while she is awake and which food products shall i give to meet her requirements.

please advice as things are worsening

Desperate mum



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Friday, December 11th 2009, 8:36pm

Have you spoke to the dr about reflux medication ??? , i know some of the girls on here when i had my son babys were suffering from reflux and i think they got given infant gavisgon which really helped , are you currently weaning if so you could try adding some milk into baby cereal that will help give your daughter some extra milk to replace what she is not drinking... sorry i cant be more help hopefully someone will come along soon who can help you a bit more xxx
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Thursday, December 17th 2009, 8:44am


Just stopped by to offer you some reassurance and just to say you're not alone! I envy mums with hungry babies! My daughter is 6 months old and has always been fussy. It would be a huge effort to get her to take bottles. At one point i had her in a and e because she had seriously reduced her milk intake. Fortunately i had a very supportive HV who advised early weaning. She was weaned at 4 months and things have been great ever since. She is still bad with her milk but now she is on 3 meals a day i am able to sneak some in there! She has a 6 oz bottle in the morning which has always been the best feed of the day. Then, with 2 ozs i make her some porridge, she then has a feed at 10 am and usually manages 5oz, then at lunch she has pureed veg followed by yoghurt and i give her a drink of formula - i find she takes about 2oz with lunch, at dinner she has pureed veg and pureed fruit with another drink of about 2oz formula and the last feed she manages something between 4 - 7 oz. On a bad day she will have taken 21 oz. However, remember that yoghurts contain alot of calcium and i blend all of her food myself and freeze it in icecube trays and add a generous amount of milk to them.

It's difficult when you have a fussy feeder. Did you start feeding her asleep because she wasnt feeding? Perhaps try only feed her when she's awake and let her take what she wants but try and add as much milk to her food as poss. If she's anything like my daughter, when i make a concious effort to get her to feed she wont! but when i leave her to her own devices she takes much better feeds. Your baby may associate sleep with feed time and i guess as she's getting older and sleeping less in the day it may affect her intake but dont worry too much - is she gaining weight?

if you want to chat just email or pm me

edited this post just to add that i tried aptimal with L just to rule out a milk allergy. She behaved in exactly the same way of aptimal as she did on cow n gate but just maybe something to try (if you havent already) x
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