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Tuesday, March 30th 2010, 5:38pm

Can someone help me with my holiday entitlement please?

Hi girls,

I am due back to work on Thursday 8th April, I have had 12 months of on maternity leave. While I have been off my company has been taken over by another firm (I work for a firm of solicitors). Before I worked full time. The takeover happened at Xmas. I was sent an introduction to the new place and given a flexible working form. I will be working as receptionist (as I was before) but our old office has now gone and we have a few offices, I will be working at one of these.

I will be working Tues,Wed and Thurs. I have been sent a letter saying that my holiday entitlement is 18 1/2 days inclusive of statutory holidays. Full time we got 20 days.

Now when we were in the old place we also got the Tuesday off after bank holidays (except for May Day which means an extra 3 days ) the new place doesn't do that but they have given us the 3 days 'ex-gratia' they have called it. In an email that a colleague sent me as I've been off aobut the changes it said about the 3 days and said that part timers would generally be entitled to them on a pro-rate basis (don't know if that means I would get 1 1/2 or 2 days?)

My colleague who is full time says she now has 23 days not including the bank hols.

This is how they have worked my holidays out:

20 days + 11 statutory days (inclusive of Tuesdays after Bank Holidays at present) = 31 days - divided by 5 (days in working week) then times by 3 (number of days you will work) = 18½ days.

They say they are based on my present terms and conditions and will eventually fall in line with the new place.

Now 18 1/2 with bank holidays, we have 8 bank holidays so 10 1/2, I thought I would get 12.

DH has just said he thinks that the 18 1/2 days are for me to take whenever I want, that seems too much. He says that as I don't work on a Monday the bank holdays don't count. I just thought as I don't work on a monday the bank hols won't be of a benefit to me.

If it is only 10 1/2 days that doesn't seem enough. One friend worked 4 days a wk and she had 16 days hols, another did 3 days and she had 12 consdiering she got 12 without the added ex-gratia entitlement ) albeit it pro-rata) then surely it should be more than 10 1/2 but 18 1/2 sounds a lot?

Sorry if it sounds complicated but wanted to put everything down!



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Tuesday, March 30th 2010, 8:26pm

It is all a bit complicated isn't it!?

I work out the annual leave entitlement for my staff on hours - it seems easier to my poor brain! So, for part time staff, bank holidays are given pro-rata to the amount of hours worked. This means that part time staff who don't work Mondays still get some leave time in lieu of the bank holidays they've 'missed out on'. Does that make sense?


Edited to add - I 'think' and it is only think as I'm at home without all my work stuff to hand, that EVERYONE is entitled to a minimum of 28 days leave per year (pro-rata for part time staff) and that can be inclusive of bank holidays or not (if you have particularly generous employers!).


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Wednesday, March 31st 2010, 1:23pm


I do holiday too at work but do it as days. Think its this:

Full time you'd get 23 days now. Id divide that by 5 to get 4.6 then times it by the days youre now working (ie 3) which makes it a total of 13.8 (rounderd up to 14 days). Does that make sense? ID work out the bak holidays seperately as even though I work Mondays I dont get all bank holidays paid on a monday although I cant work tham, confusing really!! Again Id divide the bank holiday the way you have done. Is there not anyone in HR you can have a word with?




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Wednesday, March 31st 2010, 1:41pm

I work part time and my holidays are calculated in hours. We don't automatically get bank holidays off but there are added to our holiday entitlement so i guess that makes it easier to work out. I may have missed the point but wasn't really sure what you are confused about. I would say the easiest thing to do is to call your hr dept and ask then to explain it in detail. Does this mean it is good news and you will be able to work part time after all? X

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Wednesday, March 31st 2010, 2:04pm

Hi yes, I will be working 3 days, Tues, Wed and Thurs. When they said 18 1/2 days inclusive of bank hols I took it to mean I'd got 10 1/2 days to have when I wanted as there are 8 bank hols and they were including them.

HR dept said they work it out by 20 days +3 days (in place of the Tuesdays we used ot have off after some of the bank hols) + 8 bank hols = 31 days then divide it by 5 (number of days in week) and times it by 3 )days I will work = 18 1/2?

All I want to know is if this 18 1/2 days is mine to take when I want...within reason.

Emailed our HR dept yesterday and because I queried the amount of days she told me how they'd worked it out. I emailed her back and she's not got back to me yet.

I feel so dim! It would be clearer to me if I was going to be working on a Monday and therefore getting benefit out of the bank hols but because I won't be working them anyway 18 1/2 seemed a lot. However Pootle says that you can get time off in lieu for the bank hols you have missed out on so I'm thinking this must be it!

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Wednesday, March 31st 2010, 5:09pm

Finally I know! I've actually got 17 1/2 days to book as one of the bank holidays falls on Tuesday 28th December (when I will be working) so that is taken off the entitlement.

Thats good! When I was working full time I got 20 days (4 weeks) and now I'm doing part time it will amount to nearly 6 weeks! Guess I was confused because before we moved offices my colleague worked 3 days a wk only got 12 days entitlement (she does Mon, Tues,Wed so gets the benefit of the bank hols)

Good job I don't work in HR isn't it?!

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