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Wednesday, July 21st 2010, 6:43pm

Anyone experienced problems with SMA - Should we consider changing formula? Advice Please


Our LO is 2 weeks today. I breastfed for the first 5 days but introduced formula for night time feeds from day 2, as LO was an extremely hungry baby and the breast just did not seem to be enough, and I was exhausted from the constant feeds and suffered from very sore nipples.

We decided to move onto full time formula and have been using SMA. We have been feeding him pretty much on demand, which works out at about 7/8 feeds in 24hrs, ranging in amounts although nearly almost the full recommended amount for most feeds.

LO had a pretty traumatic birth with a ventouse attempt which failed then an attempt with forceps which was horrific as they could only get one in, so this was aborted and we went back to ventous which was successful. The end result was LO had a swollen eye and a gash above the eye from the forceps. He was very unsettled for the first few days - to be expected. We have also taken him to see a cranial osteopath as recommended by our midwife, which seems to have helped settle him a little.

However, he still remains grouchy, even after a feed. Sometimes it will seem to knock him out and he will settle/sleep if on us but we cannot put him down in his moses basket unless he is completely out of it. He rarely has awake time where he seems settled and usually just crys for his feeds. The last two nights in particular he has had his feeds, been winded and then put down and although not necessarily crying, he is making noises such as 'aahh' and wriggles/lifts his legs and throws his arms around, as if uncomfortable.

When we mentioned this to our health visitor, she said that she is aware that lots of babies have been grouchy on SMA and we should perhaps consider changing to another formula. I have friends that use Aptamil and although their babies seem settled, they have had problems with wind on Aptamil and now seem to be on infacol before each feed.

Has anybody else heard of problems with SMA? What are the effects of chaning formula? I am concerned that if we change him, it will upset his tummy but at the same time, I wonder whether he is having problems with SMA anyway????

Your advice is much appreciate xx

as been rather grouchy, waking and crying for feeds and



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Wednesday, July 21st 2010, 8:30pm

Sorry chick, O's on SMA and she's ok so I can't really give any advice.

The only thing is that O wouldn't settle in her moses basket. Not at all. We ended up moving her cot in and even though she was tiny in it she settled a lot better. I think it was the space thing as she likes lots of room!

Looking back at 2 weeks I think O was either sleeping or feeding. She had a traumatic birth too. She slept for the majority of the day. Its only more recently that we've been having awake time without feeding or crying!

Could he be having a growth spurt? This could be why he's feeding constantly.

Sorry I'm not much help.

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Wednesday, July 21st 2010, 8:36pm

Hi Jess

My Ds was very unsettled during and after feeds,all the time in fact! Anyway,he has silent reflux and is now having Gaviscon.He's much better now but as they get older they seem to be easier to settle etc.There are threads on here about silent reflux.

Generally my twins are more unsettled than my eldest daughter,all babies are different I guess.




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Thursday, July 22nd 2010, 12:56am

Hi Jess,
Your baby has already changed from breastmilk to SMA. It takes time for his digestive system to adjust, so I would suggest that you stick with it, otherwise just as his tummy is getting used to one formula, it has to adjust to another one. Also, he's still recovering from a traumatic birth, so it's not surprising that he might be a bit grumpy sometimes. He seems to be feeding OK and not being sick or anything, so I'd be inclined to think he's fine with SMA . Your midwife should not be telling you to change from one babymilk to another :- (a) Chopping and changing formula is not recommended advice and (b) midwives are not allowed to recommend any particular brand of formula.
At this age, babies spend most of their time either eating, sleeping or crying They become more sociable as they get older. Don't worry, he sounds perfectly normal for a 2 week old baby! :D

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Monday, July 26th 2010, 6:14pm

I think Chris is absolutely right, you need to give the wee one time to adjust to formula.
I remember when I went from breast to formula, again after 5 days, A had a bit of an unsettled tummy for afew days whilst she got used to it.

If you are still finding a problem with wind, there are comfort milks which are good for this. I think most brands of milk do these.

We use Aptamil and have done from the word go and had to change to hungry baby milk at 2 weeks as there was no filling A.
We haven't had problems with colic at all but then I've heard of others who have had - I guess all these little ones are different.

It's hard too when nobody can recommend what you do ie midwives and HVs in terms of which milk to choose.
As time goes on, you will become more confident with what's happening,x

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