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Friday, August 13th 2010, 10:11pm

Blood in stools, poss intolerance to protein in cows milk - Neocate formula - Any thoughts?


We have had a bit of a traumatic time the last few weeks with our LO.

Unfortunately Henry has been poorly on his milk formula, projectile vomiting on the SMA and then blood in his poo on the Cow & Gate we changed him too, so we have been up the childrens hospital the last 2 fridays! They have done loads of blood tests and checked him over and all is ok thankfully but they think he may have an intolerance to the protein in the cows milk in the formula so he has been put on a special formula on prescription the last 2 weeks - Neocate LCP. It seems to have solved the vomiting and no more blood but he is really unsettled, not sleeping much day or night and crying quite a bit. We have a follow up appointment on Weds with the paeditrician to discuss it all but I wondered whether anybody else has had a similar experience and what they know of Neocate.

It is fine solving the blood issue but not so good that he is now very unsettled!



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Saturday, August 14th 2010, 10:14am

Oh chick,

I'm sorry you're having such a bad time at the minute with H. Bless him.

I've no experience I'm afraid, O's been on SMA.

I don't have any advice either but I'm sure someone who has will be along soon.


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Monday, August 16th 2010, 4:41pm

Hi, sorry you're having a rotten time.

Both my girls were on neocate for a dairy intolerance. Both grew out of it and are ok now.

Neocate smells vile but neither of the girls cared and drank it anyway. You can cook with it but it was a bit hit and miss for me. I think there's recipes on the web but I can't remember where.

Both my girls had reflux - sounds like Henry has a few of the symptoms - unsettled, not sleeping (its because the acid is causing pain - worse when you lie them flat to sleep) - might be worth mentioning.

At work, so dashing off again in a moment but if I can help at all, give me a shout.


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