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Wednesday, September 8th 2010, 9:05pm

changed to hungry milk

Tonight we have started LO on hungry milk as she has not seemed settled or satisfied for some time now on her feeds, she was having 6 feeds of 7oz per day, but LO was finding it harder to go the 3 hours between feeds, the last feed being a dreamfeed at 11pm which she always drank.
A couple of perhaps silly questions if any one can help,-
- when do we try to stop the dreamfeed, do you just see if LO takes the feed still? and
- when do you change teats, LO is still using Size 1 Tommee Tippee (which she has used since birth) and she seemed ok with this tonight with the hungry milk Aptimal. Do you change when LO seems to struggle feeding or what? I just read theat Size 2 were to be used from 3 months and LO is now 3 1/2 months now.
Thanks all
Loop x

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Wednesday, September 8th 2010, 9:25pm

Hi Loop,

I had a similar issue with one of my girls and the change to the aptamil hungry at about 10 weeks, it did give us a bit more time between feeds and seem to satisfy her for longer. It gave the other constipation though so we had to keep her on normal milk!

As for the teats, I was quite confused about that one myself and bought all sizes in preparation. Sometimes babies can get bored feeding if they have to work harder for their milk - so the single hole teats may be too slow. The size two teats are faster flowing due to the two holes and suitable for older babies - likewise with size 3. Mine still struggle with the 3 holed teats as they are too fast for them even at 8 months! I've spoken to a lot of mums who have only ever had size one teats whose babies have been fine so I guess it depends on how well bubs is feeding.

I can't really advise on dream feds as my two didn't have them consistently - we adopted the trial and error approach :snigger:




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Thursday, September 9th 2010, 7:40am


My LO was on 6 7oz feeds at 3 months, in fact I put a thread about it. She was going between 2 and a half to 3 hours. I spoke to my HV who said that she was probably having a growth spurt. I asked about hungrier baby milk but she said that it can cause constipation so decided against it.

My Tommee Tippee ones only have 1 hole in the size 3 teats, just a bit bigger. And so did my size 2 teats. I just tried them and O was happy so I kept to it. She's 6 months now and I use both size 2 and 3 teats.

We didn't really do a dream feed. We did what Moonshine did and went with the trial and error, she slept better without being woken up for a feed and then went back to sleep better when she'd woken up herself for a feed.

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