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Sunday, September 12th 2010, 9:57pm

starting to wean

My little one is approaching 6 months and im trying to get ready for weaning!
Started introducing a sippy cup this week- he is not keen and think it will take a while.
My confusion is really at what time is best to introduce soilds and when do i offer a cup? Surely not at the same "meal" time as that seems cruel at first!!
My little one has 4-5 feeds at day so fits nicely into Annabel Karmel's plan BUT she doesnt say when mils should be presented in a cup!!

Any advice/tips would really be appreciated




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Monday, September 13th 2010, 9:42am


We started weaning a few weeks ago and are doing baby led weaning.

When to introduce solids, what I did was give a milk feed first and then after an hour or 2 put O in her highchair, and gave her some food to pick up and put in her mouth. I always give the milk feed first as they need about 20oz of milk a day still while weaning. The milk feeds will dwindle and she now takes less milk than she did before.

I do meal times at the same time as I eat, so breakfast, dinner and tea.

With a cup I offer water with meals. O doesn't like the cup but if I'm drinking out of a bottle of cup she wants some so I get water into her that way.

Check out the sticky's at the top of this section. There is loads of info.

I decided to do BLW because I really really didn't want to be spoonfeeding mush for months and I cannot be bothered to puree when they don't need everything pureeing. O will happily tuck into everything. We spoon feed things like yoghurt but hard stuff she does herself. And when we go out its a lot easier to feed her.

She had chicked casserole yesterday with carrot and swede mash!

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Monday, September 13th 2010, 12:00pm

Hi Snoops,

I started with breakfast first, like Flic I gave him his milk then offered baby rice, only a couple of spoonfuls first then built it up until he was eating a full portion (he now eats a full weetabix with 2 oz of breastmilk). I then did the same with lunch and then dinner. He now has three full solid meals a day along with 3 milk feeds (one when he first gets up, one mid afternoon and one just before bed). I am really lucky with Aiden as he likes everything, only thing he has ever turns his nose up at was banana the first time he had it but I think it was too ripe as he loves them now. As for the cup, Aiden didnt like his at first but now I have to practically fight with him to get it off him (much to his delight :snigger: ). Good luck, its very messy but fun xx
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  • "snoopster" started this thread

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Tuesday, September 14th 2010, 9:41pm

Thanks ladies- i think im maybe just overthinking all this.
He is enjoying have small drink from his cup so hopefully the intriduction of solids will go well too.
Its just difficult because there is no right or wrong answer- the info in "Ready Steady baby" and the NHS Food for fun leaflet say different things!!



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Wednesday, September 15th 2010, 8:46am

It is very easy to get all confused and overanxious about weaning as we all know how important it is to get nutrition right but tbh the first few months are really just about letting your baby play with food and get used to eating something other than milk. It's going to be a while before you start replacing the nutrition he gets from his milk by the solids so just relax and have fun with flavours and textures, it is great fun watching them eat something they really, really like (blueberries in my son's case). Start off slowly and gradually build to lumps and more flavour, let your baby guide you, if he doesn't like something then don't give it again for a few weeks and then try again.

It's a great, and very messy, time so enjoy.

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