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Wednesday, September 15th 2010, 8:34am

The best thing about formula feeding is...

The best thing about bfding is ....
We all know that breastmilk is the best milk for our babies and best for mums too, but there are times when it doesn't work out and it can be very easy to feel guilty about switching to formula. So its nice to celebrate some of the advantages of formula feeding here.

Underwired bras.
Daddy can get up in the night to feed baby too.



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Wednesday, September 15th 2010, 9:23am

That is such a nice idea Mrs J. I felt so guilty for giving up! But formula feeding turned out to be the perfect fit for us, and then I felt guilty about liking it so much :rolleyes:

But what I liked about the formula is that DH could easily feed his daughters, which is something he desperately wanted to do. And the girls are very, very close to their daddy, and I do wonder whether it was because in the middle of the night, he was up feeding them, that strengthened their bond. It's just lovely to see.

It's also reassuring to know that a measurable amount of milk is going in (don't need to know this, but reassuring all the same).

And you can stop worrying about weight again (not that you should worry about this, but it is hard not to).

Ditto to the wine (I had a big glass to celebrate getting their birth certificates) and proper bras that won't get wet (bliss!)

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Wednesday, September 15th 2010, 11:19am

I breastfed for a year and was lucky enough not to go down with anything too dreadful the whole time, though I do recall a rather horrid cold fairly early on. A few weeks after stopping I got myself a real shocker of a cold and Oh! the bliss of being able to pop some nice strong cold & flu pills with a clear conscience! The things you can't take whilst breastfeeding would fill a couple of telephone directories! :rolleyes:

It's really difficult to look after your baby and feed them whilst you're feeling completely lousy. You can't help but feel the measley paracetamol you are allowed aren't making a blind bit of difference!


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