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Monday, February 28th 2011, 7:54pm

Sad at having to give up breastfeeding at 10 weeks

Jake is 10 weeks now and I am so sad to say I'm going to have to give in with breastfeeding. We've struggled along since day 1 to be honest and despite him putting on weight well in the first few weeks, I have always been convinced that he is constantly hungry. He will scream between feeds, put his fists in his mouth etc. Everyone has told me that as long as the weight is ok, then he is getting enough - but its clear to me that he's just not satisfied. Sometimes I have felt like there's no milk there and have been unable to express when I know he is desperate for it. Anyway, now it seems I was right as he is now not putting on weight the way he should be. I tried combination feeding - topping him up with formula, but he will have a breast feed and then take a full bottle, so it seems a little pointless as I have no way of knowing how much milk he is getting from me.

Anyway today he has completely refused the breast and will now only take a bottle, so we are going to have to move just to bottle. The breastfeeding just isn't working and I feel quite guilty that it now seems he has spent several weeks being hungry and thats why he cries so much.

Given that I am having to stop so suddenly, will I be ok just to express when my boobs feel a bit full? and then they will eventually stop producing?? I've had mastitis before and don't want to get that again.

Feeling really sad this evening

Deb x

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Monday, February 28th 2011, 8:04pm

Hi Debi,

I didn't want to read and run as I know how you feel myself.

I was forced to stop much earlier than you at 5 days because I was quite unwell after my little girl was born.

The fact of the matter is that I think we all feel as you are doing right now, no matter when breastfeeding stops.

You should feel proud that you gave your little boy the best start you could in life by persevering as long as you could and did.

I think I will always feel that sadness at not being able to carry on but I do feel proud that I gave my little girl a good start in her life and was fortunate enough to be able to share that special bond with her from 2 minutes after she was born and I shall never forget that.

I'm not overly sure what you should do in terms of your breasts being full and what to do until you stop.

I was very ill advised from the outset with everything and I think had I received the correct support from everyone, then I might have been able to carry on a bit longer just like you did.

I hope you feel better soon and remember how proud of yourself you should feel,xxxx

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Tuesday, March 1st 2011, 2:31pm

Totally know how you feel. I had to give up feeding DS when he was about 11 weeks as I was in the same situation and DS was lactose intolerant and my dairy addiction didnt help. I felt awfully guilty but as soon as I compared a photo of DS of 2 weeks after going onto formula the guilt just went. His face was full, his colour improved and most of all he was more alert and happy.

As for what your boobs do - Mine only felt really really full about 2 days after stopping and when I was in the shower it just started to gush out. I expressed for about 5 minutes to give me some relief and avoid mastitus and they didnt fill up again. Would get the occassional tiny spot of milk in the morning if I was laying on my front, but that it is. Within a week you'd never have know I had been BFing in the 1st place.

Don't feel guilty - you've given LO a good start and now he needs that little extra. Enjoy the happy baby that will come with the formula as it is obviously what LO needs.


P.s. with next baby you may not have the same problem so don't be put off for next time :)

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Tuesday, March 1st 2011, 9:08pm

Don't feel sad at all, you have done a fabulous job for 10 weeks!!!!!
You have given lo the best start you can, a huge well done for that. You need to do whats best for baby and you. again you have done fab xxxxx
bab15 bab16 Sa-Leanne xx