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Friday, April 1st 2011, 8:31pm

Moving to HIPP Organic Hungry milk

my LO has been on the HIPP organic infant (first) milk and seemed initially quite happy with it. He feeds every 2-3hrs but had started to fuss quite a lot every day around 5pm. Yesterday he was VERY unsettled all day, crying and wanting constantly feeding. I went for a long walk to the supermarket and came across their HIPP Organic hungry milk which is marketed as from birth. Being desperate to settle him yesterday I bought a pack of the ready made and it worked a treat - immediately settled and slept quite a lot more through the night, missing out on one of the three feeds through the night. He does not appear constipated - his nappies are the same as before (although i did feed him some BF and some of the normal infant milk as well)
I am now wondering if I should move to the hungry milk, as i said it is from birth and apparently the main difference is that it has less whey (?)
Does anyone know if there are any downsides?



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Saturday, April 2nd 2011, 12:37pm

Hi Mima

How old is your little one?

If you've tried it and it worked, then I'd crack on with it! I think lots of parents try several types of formula before finding the right one, and also you tend to swap as they get older anyway as you get different formulas for as they grow up. Can't see what harm it would do but maybe run it past your HV if you're unsure?


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