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Wednesday, July 27th 2011, 9:31pm

Where does your baby sleep during the day?

Hi All

I have opened a can of worms by asking family & friends about where is the best place for LO to sleep during the day. She is just over 5 months and up til now she has been sleeping on the sofa. I think she is getting too big for this as am worried when she starts rolling she will roll off.

I have always been reluctant to put her in her cot for daytime naps as was worried it would confuse her at night (as she sleeps so well and goes to sleep really easily)

Anyway today for the 1st time I have been putting her in her cot. My SIL saw a comment I had made on Facebook and said to my DH that it was a bad idea and would confuse LO. She said that the cot should only be used for night time sleeping.

But I am not really sure where else she could sleep in the day. SIL suggested buggy but I dont think that would be comfortable and to put her in her buggy 3 times a day to sleep seems a little unfair.

Would love to hear your experiences



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Wednesday, July 27th 2011, 10:29pm

Mine sleeps in her cot in the day and sleeps through at night no problem. She knows that when she goes to her cot it's time for sleep so no confusion there at all!

In fact she naps better when she is in her cot. And she has been known to take me to her cot so that she can go to sleep.

She's been napping in her cot from about 16 or 17 weeks old.

My LO won't sleep in her buggy. It's not comfortable, she can't move around much either.

Your LO wot be confused between bedtime, their body clock should have sorted itself out by now too.

I also found that when she has better sleep in the day he has better sleep at night too.

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Wednesday, July 27th 2011, 10:46pm

My DD1 used to nap on the sofa but started to fight going to sleep or wouldn't sleep long, since she's been napping in her cot she's been a lot better. She used to cry going up for a few days but soon settled and is still fine with going into her cot a bed time.




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Thursday, July 28th 2011, 8:09am

My DD1 would never sleep anywhere in the daytime but her buggy or the car but since she was sleeping 12-13 hours every night, I didn't worry about her daytime nap routine too much. DD2 would have a breast feed and go in her cot for 40mins to an hour from around 3 months old until she stopped breastfeeding in the day, so around 10-12 months ish (my memory is a little bit hazy!). We had a routine of nappy change, feed and sleep, with a bedtime story thrown in at nightime for good measure! When she was very tiny we had a moses basket in the front room and she would go in there, so once she started sleeping in her cot, it was easier because we could do things downstairs without worrying we would wake her up. Her big sister is not known for being quiet! If your DD is sleeping well for you in her cot and it suits you, then there's no reason not to. And pardon me for asking, but what does it have to do with your SIL?



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Thursday, July 28th 2011, 8:41am

Martha has never napped well in her cot during the day, though she has always been fine at night. I fought to get her to do this when younger but by the time I started back at work this year (and she was 12 months) realised it was a pointless endeavour. She sleeps incredibly well during the day in her buggy and it doesn't involve taking her for a walk or anything. I just put it in reclined position, she goes in and falls asleep. Most of the time weather has been okay for her to sleep outside (For colder weather I have a Kaiser thermo footmuff thing which looks like the comfiest sleeping bag ever!) and, once I thought about it, I actually preferred her to be outside sleeping in the fresh air.

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Thursday, July 28th 2011, 7:28pm

Sam used to sleep on a furry cushion on the sofa, when he got older I put the cushion on the floor by the sofa and now he sleeps on the floor with his head on the furry cushion for his daytime naps.

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Thursday, July 28th 2011, 7:53pm

C and I co-slept so day-time naps (if we were home) were in the same place as night-time sleep which was my bed...

ETA - if we were out he slept quite comfortably in his buggy at the malls or on a cushion on the floor if we were visiting - I had a specific "doughnut" cushion in the care for that purpose...

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Thursday, July 28th 2011, 8:56pm


Jake naps in his cot and has done since about 3 months. I had a lot of trouble persuading him to nap anywhere and his lack of napping was making him so tired and narky. We got to the point where we just popped him in his cot and let him cry for a little and he would fall asleep. That was a very hard thing to do and took several days, but boy was it worth it!! He's 7 months now and is more than happy to snuggle down in his cot for two naps a day and his night sleep.
Deb x

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