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Sunday, July 31st 2011, 10:09pm

feeding routine


Cerys is 6 months today and has been slowly getting used to tastes of various fruit and veg over the last month, she now REALLY wants more, i have been giving her bits of plain toast to suck on and she gnaws away at sticks of apple but i was just wondering what now?

I know i should know all this as already done it all with DS 5 years ago but memory is awful and he was so much bigger at her age, she is still so tiny!!
Her routine is:
7.30am-breast feed
8.30 (ish)-weetabix with breast milk
12.30-toast, pureed fruit-loves mangos!!
3.00-Breast feed
4.30-pureed veg, bit of strawberries
6.00-breast feed
7.30/8.30-bed time breast feed
She is also doing really well with her sippy cup-alot does get spat out(think its a bit of a game now) but she does swallow some water.
Does this seem ok, she is a very content baby and sleeps right through.
I was wondering (sounds silly) but am i ok to put butter on her toast and when can i get more adventurous with sandwich fillings? I am going to give her some meat tomorrow when i do a roast. I am a bit weary of asking health visitor as i feel silly because i should remeber!!

Thanks for reading

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Monday, August 1st 2011, 8:27am


All sounds good to me! I am doing BLW with Freya so she has been given all sorts from the start, she ate venison casserole last night! I use unsalted butter for F, Lurpak do a spreadable one. Philly is great for sandwiches, supermarket own versions seem to have less salt and Laughing Cow cheese triangles go down a storm in this house!

Sounds like Cerys is doing brilliantly, just experiment and enjoy!

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