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Tuesday, August 30th 2011, 9:50pm

Clothing and Bedding and keeping baby's temperature right

I seem to be having a constant worry just now that our little one is too hot/too cold. I am so conscious of her being too hot that I am worried that I am making her too cold! She is only a week old and I suppose I am just looking for advice on what you put your little one to bed in in terms of clothing and bedding, what you put on them to take them out and how this will change as we progress into the winter? I know they say go with common sense, but I am so afraid of doing wrong by her - any advice would be appreciated. xxxx

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Wednesday, August 31st 2011, 7:58am

When babies are that small, they say go with one extra layer to what you're wearing.

At night, we put A (born in October) in a short sleeve vest, all in one sleepsuit, swaddled in a thin blanket and then another cellular blanket on the top. During the day he also wore all in one sleepsuits and vests and if we went out then a padded jacket or snowsuit with extra blankets on standby.

The best way to check their temperature is down the back of their neck - if her skin feels clammy then she may be too hot. Hands and feet are almost always cold to touch as young babies have poor circulation so its not a great indicator.

But mostly try and relax - I have yet to meet a new mummy whose biggest worry isn't their LO's temperature!

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Wednesday, August 31st 2011, 8:17am

It IS a worry AG, I agree. And I could never understand why they keep it so hot in hospital and make you put loads of layers on your baby then send you home to follow the FSIDS guidelines! At home we have always gone for a vest (the type that fastens underneath the nappy) a babygro with long sleeves and a sleeping bag for all except very cold or very hot nights. If it was very cold I would use a long sleeve vest and if it was very hot then just a babygro and no vest. Oh and lots of pacing the floor outside their room, repeatedly going to check on them and stressing about it, its a normal phase of parenting! Remember that for safety and to reduce the risk of SIDS your baby is better too cold rather than too hot. I personally do not do cold, I am to be found wearing socks in bed from about this time of year until about the middle of April, I like my duvet right over my ears and the central heating was on this morning! If I had to follow the recommendations for reducing SIDS myself, I would be freezing, but my children have both followed the guidelines and never seemed to have their sleep disturbed by being cold and now they are older they dont complain of being cold very often at all.

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Wednesday, August 31st 2011, 10:35pm

Hi AG...its true what they say, you swap the worry of pregnancy for the worry of motherhood. I followed the same example as Mrs Jasper except as Dan was born in May and it was very hot, we used a thin blanket rather than a grobag. However from when he moved into his cot at 12 weeks, he then went into a grobag and we did exactly the same as Mrs Jasper. I have been very concerned on cold nights that Dan's arms were cold but he has never woken crying about it and I am sure if he was cold, he would wake up.

Keeping young babies the right temperature is a big worry but you do get used to it. I would say that as the nights are colder now, a vest, long sleeve babygro and one or two cellular blankets would be more than sufficient.

I got so worried about Dan being cold last winter I used to keep the heating on all through the night (just on low) but I am sure he didn't really need it!