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Tuesday, March 6th 2012, 8:18am

Furious with Dora Little Cooks Collection

Like lots of excited mums round the country I bought the Dora Little Cooks Collection issue 1 at Tesco and had a great morning with my little lady making banana muffins. They were delicious and she loved making them following the recipe and using the special Dora muffin cases and eating from the Dora plate. So when the subscription form fell out and she asked what it was I explained - Mummy pays every month and you would get all the new issues and free gifts delivered by the post man. What followed was the classic jumping up and down and "Mummy please" so I said yes and hurried to my lap top to sign up.

Having paid the £9.98 a month back on Feb 9th so far we have had one issue (The first issue which of course we already had) and we never got the free subscribers gift due with our first shipment. I made the mistake of believing as a subscriber we would get some sort of priority but no - issue 2 has been out and in the shops, so has issue 3. Meanwhile my poor little cook is wandering past the magazine stand at Tesco with sad eyes wondering why Mummy said we would get the magazine delivered by the postman and so far nothing beyond issue 1!

I called Eaglemoss who produce the magazine yesterday for some answers.
"We ask customers to wait 21 days".
Well I did, that would be March 1st.
"21 days from when we dispatch"
You are joking right?
"Its up to royal mail not us".
So where's the free magazine file we should have had with our first shipment.
"That comes with the second shipment"
But it says in your welcoming email it will be with the first shipment.
"Well it should say second shipment"
But it doesn't.
"It's in with your second shipment which has been dispatched"
So when will we get it?
"We ask you to allow 21 days"

And yes I am ready to throw the phone against the wall! Asking a 4 year old to wait 21 days from start of subscription and another 21 days from dispatch is beyond unreasonable. I am sure my clever little girl thinks Mummy is fibbing when I say her next two issues are on route but to be honest I feel like I am because I simply cannot trust the customer service agents who seem so vague about the whole subscription process.

I subscribe to three other magazines - all of which come BEFORE they are in the shops, WITH their free gifts and all of which came out to me within days of starting the subscription and then monthly or weekly (depending on the magazine) there after. Why can't Dora Little Cooks Collection manage this simple process -

1) Customer orders subscription and pays
2) Magazine and promised free gift is sent out swiftly
3) Next issue comes out before or at the same time as it hits the shops
4) Magazines continue to come out on time fortnightly

I completed stage 1, Dora Little Cooks failed on 2, 3 and 4.

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  • "Emilia44" started this thread

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Tuesday, March 13th 2012, 1:07pm

As if things couldn't get worse... Seeing my comments on another mums forum, Eaglemoss's PR company said they wanted to speak to me. There's me imagining they might offer my daughter some form of compensation for all their delays and the distress caused. I finally got to speak to someone today after leaving numerous messages to discover that although the publishers promised me faithfully that issues 2 & 3 were dispatched on the 20th Feb and were on their way to me this was in fact a lie. Issue 3 is out of stock so no issues beyond issue 1 have been sent to me. But if that isn't bad enough they have admitted they have taken payment from my account not just for the missing issues 2 and 3 but also for issues 4 & 5! I am absolutely furious and urge all mums to boycott this magazine. They are taking money, not providing the magazine, lying to customers that it has been dispatched and don't even seem to be particularly apologetic. My 4 year old is absolutely devastated. I have cancelled my subscription and asked for a full refund but I won't be holding my breath! Shame on you Eaglemoss publishing. :box:
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Tuesday, March 13th 2012, 9:04pm

Oh dear, it sounds like a right mess! I hope you get your money back soon.