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Tuesday, June 26th 2012, 3:39pm

a little advice about my lil boy before i drive myself insane.

Hi, i was wondering if someone can put my mid at ease or give advice. My little man is 22 mths old and a complete delight the biggest joy i have ever had. My problem starts, when he was born at his check up before he left hospital they checked his hands ands he only had one crease on each(thou one has since split) the nurse just brushed this off. but my only kowledge of this was a sign of Downs, so because i paniced she got a paeditican(sp) to come see me. she assured me he was ok and that single crease are becoming more common in society. well as a new nervous mum i went home and went on the EVIL goggle and sent myself nearly hysterical. well andyweay one of the things i read was that it can be connected to austism because of this i got single vac (even though i am a scientist and no the study was flawed big time). i find myself constantly watching my son, heres the things he can do i would appreciate if people could share.
he talks a lot can say phrases daddys car, wheres ice-cream gone(he dropped it yest), can count to 10 recognises the num,bers can pick them out! the same with the alphabet, loves cuddles and affection, like being around other children thou he seems contented to play on his own also! sometimes he just totally switches off wont listen if i mention chocolate he will turn to me immediately! he seems to take orders ok and knows what most things are! my main concern is he doesnt always make eye contact and if he does he quicly looks away!he doesnt seem to want to use a sppon or fork thou he knows what they are for he would rather use his hands he doesnt point alot or shake his head yes or no( but my mum says this is because he doesnt need to as he can say most things). so please ladies am i being neurotic or should i just get him checked out for piece of mind?

Thank you in advance and sorry its a bit long winded!
JoJo xx

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Tuesday, June 26th 2012, 4:20pm


Firstly, get him checked for your sanity. If it puts your mind at ease, then what harm would it do to make an appointment?

BUT your boy seems really bright to me. I have an 18 month old who can only sometimes put two words together (like 'bye daddy'), hates using a spoon (prefers her hands) and doesn't nod her head. My sister's girl, who is just 26 months, sounds like she is at the exact developmental stage as your boy, except she can't fully count to 10 and only recognise a few letters.

Both are selectively deaf and don't maintain eye contact with you because they never sit still.

Every child is different but your boy sounds really bright to me. I hope you can find some reassurance from somewhere and please stop googling! ;)

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Tuesday, June 26th 2012, 4:31pm

Hi there

I'm so sorry you're having this worry BUT I really think he sounds normal. He sounds exactly like my lo and she has 2 creases on her hands. The not using a spoon and fork thing will just be habit at the moment and perhaps because it's easier? Wouldn't an autistic child be more concerned with using a spoon so he doesn't get his hands dirty?

I know it's so hard but try not to worry - he sounds perfectly normal to me!

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Tuesday, June 26th 2012, 4:50pm


He sounds a lot like my daughter and absolutely normal to me! Try not to worry but if you do have concerns go and voice them and get him checked out, if nothing else it will put your mind at rest once and for all.

Freya is also perfectly capable of using a spoon and fork, some days she just chooses not too and sometimes she plays with my nephew a bit and sometimes they just play along side each other - I think this is normal for this age group.


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Wednesday, June 27th 2012, 3:20pm

Thank you so much for your replies. it has eased my concern a little i think i will take the advice to get him checked out and maybe regain my sanity. i love my lo no matter what i just want to the best possible for him.

JoJo xx

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