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Monday, September 3rd 2012, 7:07am

What to Feed your child

Hi everyone,

Need some major help here as I am drowning...

DD used to eat everything now maybe a bite here and a bit there.

need some breakfast lunch and dinner ideas to get her interest and to teach me what to feed her again as i have lost touch with everything since going back to work and forgotten the basics..

any ideas would be great :)
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Monday, September 3rd 2012, 7:55am


Are back becoming a full time mum? How exciting is that! :-)

This is what we generally have see if you like it:
Breakfast: some sort of cereal or such like. Generally I add milk to oats / wheat / millet etc (tend to buy other type of grains in an organic shop to make it a bit more varied but the method is the same),microwave for 1-2 minutes than add dried or fresh fruit and that's it. (I always check that the dried food has no added sugar sadly they sometimes have). Or rice puding or semolina puding. Also just add milk need longer microwaving at lower level (around 10 minutes but my hungry girl would be too impatient for that) so tend to make these in advance the previous night and sweeten with fresh or canned fruit but my daughter wuld gladly eat them plain as well. Water to drink.

Lunch: hot meal, anything what and adult would eat just tend to cook with no sugar and minimum amount of salt (am probably being over-careful) Pasta, rice, curry, potato, vegetables, fish, chicken, fake meats (my husband is vegetarian but many fake meats are really nice and quicker to make). I checked out "easy quick recipes" on the net and modified them if needed.

Dinner: toast with vegetable pate, homous, meat, cheese etc & vegetables (tomato, cucumber, pepper, etc)

Snack: 1 in the morning 1 in the afternoon mostly fruit, but also rice cake, breadstick, vegetables, oat cake, cheese, scrambled egg (done in microwave)

I would not worry if your DD does not eat much we all have stages. I would just sit down with her all the time and enjoy my own portion. I also let my DD go if she finishes quicker but she has to play on her own until I finished too.

According to my MIL a lot of children change about eating around the age of 2 I don't know not there yet but good luck to you xx


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