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Monday, September 10th 2012, 5:13pm

breastfeeding and working?

sorry for all the BF posts btw! just so many questions :)

okay so although im not due to go back to work until May when C will be 9 months old i am keen to carry on BF (providing all carries on going as well as it has been). I am working 3 full days a week. I was planning to build a stash up in the freezer from january for day feeds while c is at the childminder but if i were to feed only once in the morning and once in the evening on those 3 days i work (mon - wed) would i lose my supply? also could i go from 6 am until 6 pm without pumping or would this get very painful while in work? im not sure if pumping in work is an option but would rather not if i can help it.

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Monday, September 10th 2012, 7:25pm

Hi Jen, as I understand it your LO will start to want less milk and your supply will adjust accordingly once you start weaning.

I'm going back to work when DS is 7 months :sadface: and am hoping that by then he will be happy with a morning, evening and after work feed. By law your employer has to provide somewhere (not the toilets) you can express and a fridge to store it in. Maybe you could have a word before you return to find out?

I'll be interested to see other peoples thoughts!

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Tuesday, September 11th 2012, 4:01pm

Curly is right, your LO may well want a bit less by nine months and your supply will adjust accordingly. I never did the whole expressing thing though so I can't really offer any sensible advice, I am sure someone will be along soon enough though.

It's awful but I can't actually remember how many feeds Freya was having when she was that age (it wasn't that long ago, how soon you forget these things), I think it roughly three though, morning, afternoon and bedtime and because it dropped off slowly I never had any discomfort at all. I still had milk even when she was only having one feed at bedtime so I doubt you would loose your supply by just feeding less a few times a week.

I guess it all depends on what your LOs demands are at that point, different babies drop feeds at different paces. I am sure you'll sort something out that works for you though and it's great that you're getting on so well (despite your silly MIL!)


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Tuesday, October 30th 2012, 10:06am

Hi Jen,

I know your post was ages ago but thought I'd let you know what I did. I didn't go back to work until LO was 12 months. I too work 3 full days a week. I was planning on expressing at work in the early weeks but luckily over the month before I returned I managed to get LO to drop the mid morning feed. So now I feed first thing, after work and bedtime (first thing unfortunatley still being through the night!!). But this has worked well and my boobs adusted so that I didn't need to express at work and I've had no engorgement. By 9 months I was feeding less anyway. You could build some up for the freezer - you might not need it - but can always use it in food and on breakfast cereal. good luck with it x

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