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Thursday, January 24th 2013, 1:30pm

moving house and changing!?

hi ladies,

just needed some advice seein as my local council were not very helpful over the phone! DD1 goes to preschool and i have applied for the same school for her to start in september. We have just bought a new house which is 2 miles away and i dont drive. I really like the school shes in (and im sure she'll get a place there in sept as we currently live a 2 minute walk away) but would need to change her to one i can get to (on my days off work). The problem i have is they have said i have until 1st march to change this info but our house is likely to take at least 6 - 8 weeks to go through and i dont want to change her schools too prematurely just incase the house sale falls through. The other option is to keep her at the school shes in and struggle to get her there until i can get her a place in a new school (as i'll only have to do this twice a week and the childminder would do the rest) but the childminder i pick for both DD1 and DD2 will have to be one that does the local school drop off/pick up so if i change DD1s school soon after term starts it means changing DD2s childminder too :S I would rather DD1 start school at her new school in the sept...any advice???
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Thursday, January 24th 2013, 5:12pm

Afraid no advice Jen but interestd to see what others say as we hope to sell our house this year and dd is due to start school (hopefully not the one across the road as its not good...) in September. I expect she will have to go for a few terms at least but then I am not sure what happens. We want to buy a house near a good school but what if they don't have any places... I'd probably keep her at current school until you can get into the other. The councils are very unhelpful aren't they xxx

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Sunday, January 27th 2013, 2:35pm

HI Girls,

You are free to choose the school you want your children to go to no matter where it is.

The only issue you will come across is if the school you choose is full. If your child has a special need then you are likely to get priority. All admission policies for schools are online and available for the public to read. So you will be able to tell how many children applied last year against how many places they have, to give you an idea as to how popular it is.

Changing schools once the term has started is relatively simple if there are places in the school of your choice. If there is no room then it is rather difficult.

The deadline for choosing schools has now passed (Jan 15th) but if you haven't applied (or want to change schools) then from now on all places are allocated on appeal. If there are places in the school then no appeal is necessary, if there are no places then your chances of getting in on appeal are slim unless there are significant needs for the child or parent. (Children who are in public care always get priority too).

Don't know if this helps???

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