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Thursday, January 17th 2008, 10:27am

Giving up BF !??? How to settle baby

Hello all, it has been some time since I posted!!!

Basically I just need some advice please? I am ready to give up breasfeeding now my baby is 14 months old, I want my body back, want to be able to take Nurofen again and would like to take my old pill!!!

The issue I have is, as Al has spent 14 months being comforted by the boob and falling asleep with it I am struggling to comfort him when he wakes and put him down for day time naps??

We did the controlled cyring thing and he sleep in his cot from 7.30 to about 11 then wakes and comes into our bed which is fine, but then I just to bf him to sleep again. Any tips for getting him back to sleep please???

It should be so natural to know what to do but I am a bit stumped!!!

Thank you


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Thursday, January 17th 2008, 10:45am

I think that going away on your own for 3 days might be ideal (if your DH/DP is up for it)

When I stopped Z kept on coming up to me and biting me :(
We had lots of bottle and cuddle times to make him understand that comfort can come from other sides...

Hope you get on OK!

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Thursday, January 17th 2008, 11:19am

Hiya - first of all - a HUGE congratulations for bf for 14 months. I didnt manage that with #1 and wont with #2 (unfortunately I have to work full time from 16 weeks in an office away from home and pumping isnt comfortable and doesnt keep the supply going well).

I dont have any direct experience as I switched DS#1 between 6-7 months when he was much less aware & independent & assertive. However, what helped smooth the switch was to offer a bottle every time he would have taken the boob.

But at 14 months I second Torisen's suggestion of you going away for a few days. Then when he wakes, it *has* to be Daddy that comforts him. Either that or you sleep in a spare room and Daddy goes to pick him up at 11pm, offers him a (small) bottle, and cuddles him in bed.

You also say naps in the plural. At 14 months, #1 was only having 1 daytime nap, so perhaps your DS isnt tired enough for more than one at this age and it is actually this that is the trouble with getting him to settle rather than the boob?

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Friday, January 18th 2008, 2:36pm

Thank you both!!! Firstly I must admit I tried a new technique tday, bottle in his cot at his two nap times and he fell asleep! Secondly I think me going away is a good idea, I may sleep in another room (we are going on hols soon so that is a great suggestion!)

I am having an operation soon and so need to be able to have proper pain killers not just paracetemol!

Thank you both for your advice and congrats on your BF!!!!


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