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Saturday, March 11th 2006, 2:34pm

Sleeping through the night

We Have been really lucky with Ella and she has actually settled into her own little routine of sleeping quite early. she will fall asleep around 9pm and sleep untill 7am every day now and has done for ages. I mentioned this at the clinic this week when i took her to be weighed and they seem to be really concerned because she is only having 4 bottles of milk a day 7am 11am 3-4pm and 7-8pm because she is obviously asleep for the other 2. the bottles are now 8 oz bottles and she is still where she should be for her weight but they have now suggested to try and cut the amount in her bottles down to make her want more bottles?? Ive tried doing what they have said and im just getting constant crying. I tried using the dummy incase its just the sucking action and ive also tried cooled boiled water. No Joy. does anyone else have any ideas? She will sometimes wake around 11.30 for an extra ounce but this is only occasionally (we always make 5 bottles anyway).



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Saturday, March 11th 2006, 2:41pm

No that I know the first thing about this topic but surely if her weight is healthy as you say it is it shouldn't matter about the number of bottles. Forgive me if this is wrong though!



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Saturday, March 11th 2006, 2:43pm

that was exaclty what i thought bec!!
she is 13lb 12oz now which is where she should be on the graph



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Saturday, March 11th 2006, 3:51pm

In Gina Fords book she recommends that as long as a baby is gaining between 6-8oz per week, there is nothing wrong with her feeding pattern. They do my head in when they start interfering!!! What does it matter as long as she is happy and healthy??

Go with your instinct Jo, she is your baby and you know what is best for her!! If shes gaining weight and is exactly where she should be then you are doing a grand job!! :D


ps - more pics please!! :D

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Saturday, March 11th 2006, 10:05pm

Hi Jo

If she's on the same line on the graph as she was when she was born (ie not born at the 90th centile and now only on the 50th), then it's got to be ok. The people who are criticising are probably just not believing that such a young baby can do that. If she's not puking up any of her 8 oz either, then that's another good point. 8 oz is a big feed for this age (I don't remember DS getting near 8 oz till nearer 6 months, but then I was only doing one bottlefeed a day, rest was breast), but if her stomach can take it, I can't see the problem. Good sleep patterns and good amounts of sleep are wonderful for a baby's development.

Have they voiced any specific concerns as to why to split it over five feeds? Can't see why from here!

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Saturday, March 11th 2006, 10:23pm

?( WHY? ?(

I agree with the others, if she's healthy and she's happy (which she obviously is if she's taking all her milk and sleeping well)...... then why on EARTH would you cut her bottles to make her want more frequent feeds? ?(

If you were breastfeeding you wouldn't know how much she was taking, you would just get on with it and everyone would be happy, what difference does it make to the HV whether she's having 4-5-6 bottles? Even if her weight was fluctuating then it wouldn't be anything to worry about.... some days we're hungry, some days not, sometimes babies need a little extra for a growth spurt and sometimes they don't need so much. Ella's taking what she needs.... babies rarely overeat and they rarely starve themselves; just like adults, they all have varied appetites!

Ella is obviously very contented, she's settled herself into her own routine which is fantastic. A baby that has a self induced routine that's actually sociable is a Godsend and it's absolutely pointless trying to change it.........maybe she hasn't read the same books as the health visitors :rolleyes: ;)




Sunday, March 12th 2006, 12:43am

Ales only has 4 8 oz bottles a day! Sometimes only 3!! 8o8o8o No-one's said anything about that!

Do what you feel is right hun!

Jessica x x



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Sunday, March 12th 2006, 1:22pm

I really would try not to worry about what they ahve said at the clinc. Reducing the amount in each bottle is obviosly just going to upset her. If as you've said sher weight is normal and she's sleeping well, then she doesn;t need night feeds because she's getting enough in the daytime.

my little one did exactly the same. He went from 6 5 oz bottle to 4 7 oz bottles within about 3 weeks and slept through the night very soon after. he carried on putting on weight and was very settled. i think he was about 4 months at this point. my hv wasn't worried as his weight was normal.

ella sounds fine and very settled jo- if it ain't broke don't fix it (as my dad would say!)



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Sunday, March 12th 2006, 7:29pm

Hope you are getting some more sleep. It will get better, definitely!! Lol Lesa xxx
Keep smiling :happy:

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Sunday, March 12th 2006, 9:07pm

Im with the girls - evil health visitor just mean because you have a good baby who sleeps at night!!

If she is fine on her graphs do what works for you - clearly youre doing a great job x

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Sunday, March 12th 2006, 9:25pm

Jojo....My two where on the same at ellas age....don't worry she is doing fine as long as she is having the quantity (she is having 32oz) then there is nothing to worry about...why reduce and give it more often??? she would still be having the same!!! CRAZY!!!

Ella is fine and if she is continuing to put weight on don't worry at all!! xxxxx
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Sunday, March 12th 2006, 10:56pm

thanks everyone. I know myself that she is ok but you just start to doubt yourself when they start saying things.. we always make the extra bottle even though she very rarely has it. Like you have said im sure if she needs more, she will let me know!!