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Thursday, October 30th 2008, 8:20pm

Getting my boy on the boobies


breatfeeding a new baby is hard enogh for some new mummies, my little one is really struggling and although he's being tube fed at the moment, the time trying to get on the boobie is just so hard for him I'm worried sick, which does neither of us any good. Expressing is going ok, is hard but is ok, but Eric just plays with the boobie instead of sucking, despite latching on etc....

Any words of wisdom or advice as always appreciated....

I need some help!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thursday, October 30th 2008, 8:38pm

Hun - he came early so he really has to learn what to do with the boob. The only advice I can think of is
1) only put him to the boob if he has not had a feed for a while (just before his next tube feed is due) - ask if they can delay a feed a bit so that he will actually be a bit hungry - although, considering he is a premie, they may not be very willing to do a late feed as they will be more concerned about his blood sugars than that he learns to feed
2) express a few drops into his mouth
3) give him time. Relax, read a book and tell the nurses to leave you alone for a bit...

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Thursday, October 30th 2008, 9:57pm

Hi Cathie,

Is there any way you can put Eric against your skin, under your top or in bed without and clothes on your top half? Skin to skin would really be a great thing for you both, It keeps him warm, helps comfort him and he might find his way to your breast.

I would agree with Rene, it's hunger and the innate urge to suck that are responsible for getting babies to suck at the breast and if he's being tube fed then he's not going to be feeling hunger so you do have a lot to contend with, however, not so much that breastfeeding will be impossible. Persevere and try him with the breast when his tummy is going to be not quite so full. Feeding an overly hungry baby is just as bad so see if you can find a balance where he's interested enough to want to feed.



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Friday, October 31st 2008, 9:02am

hi, Hun and congartulations!!

Well done for perservering with it, I know how hard it can be. My ds was born at 30 weeks, ansd like you i really struggled with it. Try as mentioned by Bells- kangaroo care (where you pop him inside your nightie) for a cuddle. also when expressing, try and have him near, to encourage your let dpwn reflex further.
Also, are you able to cuddle him near your breast when he's having a tube feed?? If so, when he's having his tube, cuddle him as if you were feeding,(skin to skin if possible)let him smel/feel/touch your breast, and the sensation of milk going in to his tummy and being near your breast may start to help him get the idea of what to do.
Also, give him time. Don;'t forget his sucking reflex is still developing, so as he gets bigger, he'll find it a bit easier.

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Sunday, November 9th 2008, 7:41pm

Thanks all - is getting easier!!!


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Wednesday, November 12th 2008, 1:27pm

RE: Getting my boy on the boobies

Cathie - I lost your email address, it looks like your little man came early? Let me know how you are, have been thinkingof you often!

Pam xx