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Monday, February 23rd 2009, 3:09pm

Great Flexibile Job

Hi guys,

Just thought I'd share my new job will you all ... I still work 2 days per week at my "normal" job - but last August I started being a courier and deliver packages for Next, M&M Direct and loads of other big names ... A van delivers all the packages to me in the morning for my area (just my village and the village next door) and I usually pop Gregor in the car and he eats his lunch whilst I do my "deliveries" ... and by the time he's done I'm finished ... around 1 hour per day. I'm at home with Gregor and there to get Callum from school and the only thing I need to do is take Gregor out with me for an hour or so each day ... sometimes he gets out the car and sometimes he stays in (if I'm only going up someones drive and I can see him) -- it's so flexible == I can go when I want and if I can't my DH goes for me :smile:

This month has been the quietest so far ... but as Christmas was so busy it's quite a relief.

The extra income has been fab ... I've worked part-time for the last 10 years and it's certainly giving us a bit more cash (so far this year we've booked 3 weekends away and our summer hols and I'm looking at a new kitchen next!!!) ... didn't think we'd get as much as we are -- paid per package so the more you deliver the more you earn.

Just thought I'd share incase it was of interest to anyone else ... or incase it would allow anyone to go part-time if they can't otherwise afford to. You would obviously have to have your own transport and do have to deliver Mon-Sat - ie would still have to deliver on the days you work at your "normal" job .... or like me just get your DH to do it :snigger:

I am employed on a self-employed basis but if anyone wants to know the Company I'm doing work for let me now and I'll PM you

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Wednesday, February 25th 2009, 8:00am

Someone I know does this and it fits in really well with her family. She has 4 children of varying ages and delivers her parcels between dropping them off at school, pre school, nursery etc...

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Children: DS#1 (clomid) 1999 -vb - DS#2 (natural BFP) c-sec

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Wednesday, February 25th 2009, 11:24pm

It's so flexible :D it's fab ... I'm doing mine on Friday between getting a new fridge delivered, the fabulous Tesco man bringing my shopping :innocent: , dropping DH at the pub and a friend popping over for dinner with her two little guys .... what other job would give you the flexibility to do all this :happy: you'd think I was on commission the way I'm plugging this :snigger:
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Friday, February 27th 2009, 8:53pm

How do you go about applying for this hun? and how much do you get paid per package?
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