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Wednesday, March 18th 2009, 9:16am



The girls seem to be doing really well with their food but the MIL thinks I am underfeeding them and I just wondered if there were any guidelines on how much they should be eating?

*Breakfast they have half a slice of toast each and porridge (a small avent storage pot between them)

*Mid morning they have a few pieces of banana and apple

*Lunchtime they have cottage pie/tuna pasta/spag bol (a small avent storage pot between them) then a fromage frais between them

*Mid afternoon they may have a few wotsits/quavers or a rice cake

*Tea they have a fruit yogurt between them

**they both still have breastfeeds through the day as they want**
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Wednesday, March 18th 2009, 9:53am

As all children are different it's difficult to say as what's enough for one child will leave another begging for more.

Are they eating 'everything' in front of them at mealtimes?

If not then I think the only thing that I would change (based on my own experience with my own children) is that I would give another savoury meal at tea time with their yoghurt.

If they're eating eating everything in front of them then as above, I'd add another savoury meal to tea time and I would think about offering them a full avent storage pot each at other meal times.

I still work on the theory of 'three meals a day with snacks and drinks in between'.

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Wednesday, March 18th 2009, 11:22am

I agree with bells. I too would add a savory meal at dinner time. I have read in one of my many baby books that you childs tummy is normally the same size as their fist. I worked on the theory that if jess cleared her plate for a week then i needed to up the portion size. This seems to have worked for us. She is one of those babies that goes off food if she is teething or life is more intersting around her, so when that happens there is quite a bit of waistage. But on the weeks she is eating well she does clear her plate, so i always offer her a full portion just incase she i having a hungry day/week due to a growth spurt.
I also always offer her a pudding (yogurt or puree fruit or fromage frais) even if she does not finish her savory coz some times i think they need that little bit of sweet to round off the meal :happy:. I have always let her have a rusk or organic rice cake / carrot puff after her dinner so she gets used to starting finger food. I have done this since she was 8 months and she is know really good at finger food, although it is a bit scary to start with (finger food that is) you have to sit and watch them constanly to ensure they are safe!

Hope that helps x x x



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Wednesday, March 18th 2009, 12:30pm

I would say the same rules apply as with BF. If they are happy, contented and devloping well and gaining weight then they are getting enough.

Your MIL sounds like a bit of a character!



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Wednesday, March 18th 2009, 3:38pm

thanks all for your advice!

mrs j - she is doing my head in! :cross: she always has to critise me about something! because she is the perfect mother....i'm sure dh would disagree!!
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Wednesday, March 18th 2009, 6:07pm

I agree with the comments above Elmo.

I hope that your MIL calms down soon.


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