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Friday, May 22nd 2009, 10:37pm

Weight issue ???

Sam is 7 months and weighs 21lb 3oz!!!!!!! He's now up to the 91st centile on his weight chart but only on the 50th centile on his height chart(he's 70cms)

He's not crawling yet so there's a fare change he could start to loose the weight once he's active but I'd like to know if anyone thinks I'm over feeding him. He loves his food and eats anything I give him...bless

7am - 7oz bottle
10am - Breakfast Heinz Creamy porridge (9 x dessert spoons mixed with equal amount of water). 3oz bottle
1pm - Lunch 7 x icecube portions comprising of meat or fish, potato/rice or pasta, veg and sauce or gravy. 3 x icecube portions of fruit/custard or a yogurt. Drink of v weak juice. 3oz bottle.
4:30 - Tea 4 x icecube portioned meal. Drink of v weak juice. No pud or bottle.
6pm - 7oz bottle.

He doesn't always eat all his lunch depends what it is. He v rarely has snacks between meals.

Is this ok?????

PT xxx

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Friday, May 22nd 2009, 11:03pm

I dont belive in ther being a *right* wieght the only thing I would say is he proberly needs his Porrige earlier then 10 if you want him to eat lunch.
ALso maybe try the larger meal at tea but thats my prefeance. I had a nightmare sleeper so filling him up in the later day helped us.

Other wise I would say all seems fine if He is Happy & you are happy then carry on, think I may come round for some food :D

Oh and my two just for you to compare J was off the scale in the red book :O 21lb at 23 1/2 weeks & M was 21lb at 33 weeks and mine are twins.
Plus J was the lightest at birth - hence my thoughts on there being No right wieght for babies.
:happy: :happy:
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Friday, May 22nd 2009, 11:32pm

Hi PT!

Had A weighed yesterday and she's just 20 lbs 7 oz! As she was born on the same day as S, and weighed the same, and now is a similar weight, I think he sounds just perfect! :D

She is a little on the chunky side but I figure when she starts moving around more some of it might disappear. And I love chubby babies!

Her daily diet is fairly similar to S's - apart from breakfast - she also has creamy porridge but she has much less and I mix 2/3 cubes of fruit puree into it - mango is her absolute favourite, and she has it earlier at about 8ish! Lunch time varies, depending on where I have to be with E but usually around 12, and her last bottle is at about 7. She isn't into snacks yet although the HV I saw yesterday told me to start introducing them. She's also now having bread/butter, toast/butter at teatime, and I caught E giving her a lick of her icecream this week - apparently E's 'sharing' has been going on for some time.......................! :rolleyes:

If you don't feed kids rubbish and let them sit watching TV all day I reckon it all evens out in the end!


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