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Thursday, July 30th 2009, 8:42pm

repaying maternity pay?

As some of you know, i have felt so homesick since having L and dp has finally agreed to move nearer to my family (hoorayyyy). Our house is up for sale but due to the current climate im not sure how quickly our house is going to sell. If it hasnt sold by february when im due to go back to work then i will have to go back. If , however we have moved before then then i wont be going back due to location. My question is, will i have to repay any of my maternity pay if i dont return. My work pay us a full wage for 10 weeks and the remaining 29 weeks are smp. Will i need to repay the 10 weeks? I read through their maternity policy and it doesnt say anything about this. I dont want to ask them as at this stage im not sure if i will be going back or not. They do offer a 'return to work bonus' so maybe that means i wont have to repay ? hmmm not sure.
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Friday, July 31st 2009, 8:32am

I know that at some companies you have to return for a certain amount of months after maternity to get all mat pay. Most i've heard of are 3 - 6 months. But not sure if this applies to smp.

It depends on your company as to their individual policy. I'd read again through the policy - just incase you missed any small print. If you still can't find any answers then I would contact your HR department or speak to your manager when you feel it's appropriate.

Good luck with everything and with the move!


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