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Friday, July 31st 2009, 7:54pm


I am a little confused today ?( DD is bottle fed and has started to be sick (sometimes quite a lot) after evey bottle and also has terrible poos that are so smelly and runny and she is constantly passing wind from her rear end. I have spoken to the HV today and she said to change her milk to comfort milk. I went to ASDA earlier and I couldn't see a milk with that name so I have bought Aptimel Easy Digest, now I am thinking that I have bought the wrong milk (I haven't opened it yet). I have been googling other peoples opinions and now I am begining to think it is maybe her bottles. GOD I'm soooo confused by all this. I don't want to give her this other milk as she doesn't have problems bringing up wind or any cramps etc. She is on Tommee Tippee anti colic medium flow bottles.

Does anyone have any advice? xx

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Saturday, August 1st 2009, 8:50am

I would make an appointment and see the doctor Debs and ask they're advice. When my dd was born i was using the same bottles as you are and to be honest, they were the cause of the beginnings of colic. They didnt do anything to help her one bit. I also tried avent bottles and they made her even worse! I found in the end, after buying many different kinds of bottle, that the cheaper the better!

All the more expensive "brand" name bottles caused her a large amount of discomfort. In the end we used ones that had disney characters that cost about £4 for 3. She never had any problem with them at all.

Hope that helps a bit.

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Saturday, August 1st 2009, 9:58am

Hmm colic doesn't cause smelly poo's to be honest. The most common cause of that is a tummy upset, which is quite coomon in bottle fed babies. I'm afraid that no matter how scrupulous you are with cleaning there can still be germs harboured on anything which regularly goes in a babies mouth.

The Aptimel Easy Digest milk is the one your HV is on about. It has a thicker formula than standard feeds so tends to stay down better in a baby who is prone to bringing feeds back.

Before changing her milk, I would make an appointment to see the doctor to rule out a rotavirus (common virus which causes vomiting and runs) or a gastro enteritis bug, again very common. In the meantime, be doubly careful with your cleaning/sterilising regime just to exclude that issue. (I am not for one minute suggesting that your cleaning regime is inadequate by the way!!) Sometimes these things can clear up on their own without any other intervention.

Another thing to consider with the bringing up of feeds, is reflux. This can only be diagnosed properly by a doctor though, and wouldn't be the cause of the runs or the smelly poo's. Usually babies with reflux burp and hiccup a lot, have pain in the gullet from bringing acid up and cry a lot after feeds and if they are hungry. Also the vomiting tends to be continuous, not just once after a feed. If your baby has any of these symptoms, feinitely see the doc, as you could save you and your baby lots of heartache by getting it diagnosed early!

I hope it's nothing to worry about with your little one though, and that it'll be just 'one of those things' which most baby ailments come under!
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