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Monday, August 20th 2007, 11:50am

breastfed & constipated?!

never had this before with DS#1 (in fact quite the opposite) but #2 seems to be really suffering the last few days with constipation and crying trying to do his poos... really an uncomfortable little poppet.

thing is, he is 100% breastfed so I'm surprised by this and would love ideas to help relieve him.

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Monday, August 20th 2007, 11:57am

RE: breastfed & constipated?!

Funny how they can have the same genes but completely different bowel habits. DS1 is like your DS1 and has never had constipation in his whole life - it's all *very* free-flowing. :P DS2 is very *normal* and although I've not had to help him with constipation while breastfeeding, I can only think of suggesting to cycle his legs round and round that can make things move a bit. Also, rubbing his tummy in an anti-clockwise direction (helps the movement along the intestine).

I know there will be others along with plenty of other tried and tested solutions. :)
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  • "Sunshine" started this thread

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Monday, August 20th 2007, 12:56pm

thanks Limpet - #2 is already quite good at raising his legs to strain, and I do hold him upright for gravity on my chest and rub his tummy - both help him, but I just feel so sorry for him.



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Monday, August 20th 2007, 7:31pm

My friends DS was the same he would be really straining and screaming she took him to a cranial osteopath and he poo'd about 8 times that day! i always thought they shouldn't suffer with constipation if BF but it does happen. M would poo once a week when she was BF (those were the days! ;) ) but she was never uncomfortable.

Sorry that's the only advise I have apart from a tummy massage?


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Monday, August 20th 2007, 8:30pm

It is said that breastfed babies either poo 8 times a day or once every 8 days. Connor, at one stage, went from 3-5 times a day to once a week and seemed uncomfortable but when he did pass a poo it was still the same runny yellow stuff as before. I was in a flat spin over what to do to help him and was told at clinic just to do massage to help him relax and nothing else. HE sorted himself out and after a few weeks settled into a once a day routine...

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  • "Sunshine" started this thread

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Tuesday, August 21st 2007, 6:26am

no cranial osteopaths here :(

anyway, he just did a mega 5 explosion poo(s) this morning and seems a wee bit more comfortable for it....

he's a very windy/burpy baby though - I need to wind him for at least 10 minutes after each feed and even then when I lay him back down he's off burping for yonks