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Saturday, March 29th 2008, 8:47pm


Anyone in a routine with their twins - or did you even try?
Days pass me by in such a whirl and then I wonder if I should be trying to be in a routine? I just wing each day and end up doing things differently on every day depending on how I am coping! Some days I have both babies up at the same time, some days I leave one to sleep, sometimes I have them both in the bathroom with me (one screams while I attend to the other which I then regret doing cause the one screaming really upsets me)... I seem to do all manner of variations and can't find anything where by we are all kept happy with no crying (I have not been the one crying yet, but I think it's coming).
Cookie Jo
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6 frosties & currently TTC naturally before taking the plunge again!

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Saturday, March 29th 2008, 9:25pm

Yup me :happy:
Boys wee in special care for 3weeks to stayed with there routine which was - to wake and feed both and at set times.
I think at that age I was
6am - both up changed and fed by dp and put back to bed (i stayed asleep)
hopefully (not always they slept then till 9am)
10am - Feed (strip/wash/change)
sleep 11/12 for 1/2 hours
2pm - Feed change
sleep 4 - 4.30pm
5.30 - bath (not every night)
6pm - bottle & bed
10pm - feed & chg
2am - feed
and begin again :snigger:
they were both Bottle fed and I changed before feeds. I prefered to be ready for the battle.
And if they cry, maybe try singing it was the only thing that helped me (even if it was to drown them out :8o: :snigger:)
Crying is there only form of communication bad news for nerves and ear drums :snigger:
Do you feels it is any better/easier on the days you wake them together??

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Saturday, March 29th 2008, 10:53pm

Me too. I loosely follow Gina ford. --- very loosely. But their bed, bath and feed times don't vary more than half an hour either way. Find it easier that way. I find that if I know I'll have some time to myself in the day, I'm happier.
And cookie, things do get better.:)

Me 32, DH 33
TTC since 2001
Left ovary removed and Lap 2 years later showed adhesions.
1st IVF NOV 06 - BFN.
2nd IVF APR 07 - :BFP:

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Saturday, March 29th 2008, 11:29pm

I used bits of Gina ford too, i passed the book to Kirsty G, PM her see if she will pass it to you when done (if she still has it) :D
1st go ICSI - @ royal shewsbury and Telford NHS funded
25 eggs collected 27/3/06
15 fertilized - 8 grade A - 2 transfered 30th/3
test date - Thursday 13th April, BFP :D :D :D
:baby: ITS TWINS :baby:
M.L & J.F - Born 9/11/06 6w prem (6lb 5oz & 4lb 10oz)



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Sunday, March 30th 2008, 12:01am

Course I still have it ... Fantastic in my opinion, happy to pass on


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Sunday, March 30th 2008, 9:59am

ahh, just typed you a huge reply and then deleted it!!

Yep, we followed Gina roughly and it saved my sanity. Kept 4 hours between feeds and always fed them together - night time feeds always quiet and upstairs. Bath and bed always the same time from very very early. Tried to keep other activities at the same time each day - after morning feed they play on our bed till morning nap and still do that now.

My two also love Madonna - had iPod on loads to 'drown out' the crying. Also think that Chris Moyles from Radio 1 is their Daddy as I listen to him each day, and did when I was pregnant! Basically, background noise is a good distractor when I am with them on my own, and I don't like to have the tv on too much for them.

It will come, but I would highly recommend getting into some sort of pattern that suits you as they do thrive on it.

take care sweetie, and make sure you do let out the tears if needed - only natural!

me 32 PCOS, DH 39 all good
trying for 3.5 years, 12 months clomid, 1 m/c April 05, Fresh IVF March 06 BFN, FET Oct 06 BFP - Twins!! Littlebits born 29.05.07 and 30.05.07 :]

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Sunday, March 30th 2008, 7:47pm

Hi Cookie Jo,
When mine were as young as yours are I didn't really have a strict routine other than up at 7 and bed at 7. They slept when they wanted during the day but i tended to feed them both at the same time and do other things like music & play time at the same time. This worked for me up until they were 4 months when after a couple of frazzled weeks and some wonderful advice from FZ i started a more strict routine for daytime naps which gave me some much needed free time during the day. I also used the gina ford book as reference but haven't really followed it too closely I think at 6 months my two are still doing what 3 month olds are supposed to be doing in the book! Getting some time when they're both asleep at the same time during the day is a great sanity boost & makes the crying much more managable! Singing is a big thing in our home too - if they start to snivel I can turn a grouch into a grin with a few lines of a song - which is novel for me as I really can't carry a tune so its normally the other way round!

Me 35, DH 31 [zx075]
Bilateral hydrosalpinges discovered May 06
Bilateral salpingectomy June 06
1st IVF August 06 BFN
2nd IVF January 07 BFP Twins!!