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Thursday, July 17th 2008, 1:01pm

My head is melting!

The time has come to source some childcare out for Bubba when I return to work in April.

I can’t book a child place in nursery till I can sort out what tax credits I’ll get if I drop to 3 days a week. This I can’t do as I can’t go more than 3 months ahead for this year based on DH’s and my salary from 2007/8.

My salary will obviously change come November when I start my Mat leave.

I’ve had to hypothetically pretend Bubba is due on 30 August, pretend I already work 3 days and the salary to go with it and pretend I pay for said 3 days in childcare.

I called the tax credits people, finally got through to a person with a very heavy sold who kept snerching back the snot while she was talking to me who immediately asked for my NI number! WHOA there lady! First things first!

I explained my predicament and she said I need to call back to get an estimate. That’s why I called in the first place! I really didn’t have the patience to keep talking to her and her snot so I said OK I will and binned her!

I’ve just called a local nursery for a ball park time of when I need to book a nursery place and she said ideally – NOW!

I’m off on holiday Monday so will be visiting the CAB to hopefully get some sense made of this whole thing, then seeing the nursery. Our College and DH’s place of work does this Busy Bee vouchers thingy so I’m hoping they accept them otherwise its Plan B which I don’t have a plan for yet!

And breathe!

Has anyone else been in this minefield and what did you do??

All advice greatfully received!

Susie x

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Thursday, July 17th 2008, 1:17pm

I have no idea either when do we claim for our tax credits?

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Thursday, July 17th 2008, 1:18pm

I work in childcare and all i can say is that you do need to get the baby's name down asap as often nurseries have very long waiting lists indeed.
Most private nurseries will take any form of childcare vouchers - busy bees, Accor etc as it's in their interests to do so.

Most nurseries are also happy for you go on their waiting list without having a solid idea of the amount of days that you want as you can inform them of this later. I would look round a few places and just go on a few waiting lists as soon as you can.

Hope it all works out ok!

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Thursday, July 17th 2008, 6:24pm

Hi hun

We've just gone thru this whole tax credit and nursery place so hopefully I can help. Basically I'm working half my hours so easypops giving them an estimate, which we did. Dh is an accountant so fairly clued up. We've had so many letters from then though it's bonkers. So if you've got an idea of how many hours you'll do and your hourly rate just go from there.

Nursery...well A's first choice couldn't take him on all the days we wanted. I'm not sure if this part'll help cos we phoned, asked if they had tues/wed and went to see the one that said yes, which worked out well as it's lovely. I'd go visit a few and see which one you like and discuss it with them. We had to pay a holding fee for his place which came off his first month fees but he was then guaranteed his place, but then I knew which days I needed them for.

With the vouchers I have no idea how you get them, dh did, and you register, then receive them, then ring the nursery for their registration number and it's all done online. You pay them, think ours was £243 ish...and that'll be your first month fees. At least that's how we've done it. Dh says we've saved loads using them.

Sorry if that didn't make any sense but hopefully it did. In my case I knew what days I wanted to work, so sorted out nusery, then asked wok to cooperate, which weirdly they did in the end.

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Monday, August 4th 2008, 8:14am

I had this problem too Susie Im having such a headache. I lied about Berties edd to get a quote too.I want to go to 3 days a week but my company dont like part timers.



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Tuesday, August 19th 2008, 5:20pm

there is a great website i use for tax credits....…QHousehold.aspx

i just put in imaginary figures or figures you think are approximate for when you return to work and it will give you an estimate ---


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