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Saturday, June 6th 2009, 8:04pm


I gave up after a week of trying to breastfeed. I was up all night and day feedng and couldnt keep my eyes open. I have breastfed rougthly once a day for about 15 mins each baby since. There is still milk there but not the volume to feed both babies all the time. i feel really bad not doing it and i wish i could. is it too late to start? my dh thinks its alot easier in me to bottlefeed, but i dont knw whats best? any help much appreciated. they are 16 days today. x
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Saturday, June 6th 2009, 8:11pm

I know diddly sqat about breastfeeding but I do know that Michelle who has a thread in this section got her baby back into breastfeeding after a break.

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Saturday, June 6th 2009, 9:53pm

I sure did :D

I know how you feel Frankie, it's so hard isn't it? Nobody can prepare you for it and if you come accross problems and are absolutely exhausted sometimes it seems as if giving up is the only option. Don't feel guilty, you have just given birth to twins and are doing the hardest job you have done right now!!

As long as you have kept a supply going it is not too late to try and get back on track but it wont be easy - not at all!! You really have to want to do it and realise that it's going to take time.
Your twins have learned to feed from bottles which is much easier for them than getting milk from you but if you have been feeding each baby from the breast for 15 mins a day you know that they can latch on and get milk, that's great.

What i did with my baby was to get from her being fed on formula for probably two-thirds of her feeds to being totally breastfed but this took almost four months, gradually building up a supply of milk and dropping formula feeds one by one.
I expressed LOTS at first and would put my baby on the boob whenever she seemed hungry.

Obviously i don't have twins so i don't know how this would work but could you perhaps have a bath with one baby at a time and feed in the bath. One of the ladies on here suggested that to me and it worked. The bath is a very calming environment and being up against your skin in the water is great encouraging baby to feed. Lots of skin to skin contact too and just letting your babies suck at your boobs for as long as is comfortable and slowly building up.

I'm sure Bells will have some fantastic advice as always and will know about all of the products etc that might help. I didn't use any tube feeding systems or anything in the end but it might help??

Good luck, if you can get them feeding even for just some of their feeds i'm sure you will find it very rewarding and well worth the effort - but it's all totally up to you and what you feel comfotable with :smile:

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Saturday, June 6th 2009, 10:26pm

RE: upset

Hi Frankie, If you really want to breastfeed your babies hten you'll have to increase your milk supply. The best way to do this is to feed them about 2 hourly, as your body will respond to the babies' needs,but it's going to take time as you've not been putting them to the breast often enough. I know it's difficult with twins, but it can be done. If you have someone to help you each time, you can feed them together (you need someone to bring the second baby to you once you've got the first one latched on) Not only does feeding both at the same time give you a bit more time between feeds, it also stimulates your milk supply better. Since the've been having bottles, they'll need a top-up after each feed,reducing the amount as your supply increases. It will be hard work but if it's what you want to do, and you can spend a few weeks just looking after yourself and your babies (no housework) you can do it. I know it's very easy to be persuaded to give bottles when you're so tired, but once you're past the first few weeks,it will be easier,and a very rewarding and enjoyable experience.Do you have any breastfeedig support workers in your area who might help? Looking after twins is a lot of work anyway,but if you're breastfeeding, you won't have all the hassle of sterilising bottles and making up feeds.



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Sunday, June 7th 2009, 2:38pm

RE: upset


Originally posted by frankie1

Hi i feel really bad not doing it and i wish i could. is it too late to start? my dh thinks its alot easier in me to bottlefeed, but i dont knw whats best?

I think that you eally need to tackle these questions before you set about a plan of action. Why do you feel bad? Is guilt the reason you want to get back to breastfeeding and if not what is? What kind of support will you get from your DH and does he know how you feel? He's right, it's easier to stay on bottles, if you decide to breastfeed will he pull out all the stops to help or doesn't he believe it's worth the hassle?

What's best is a big question, best for who? Breastfeeding is nutritionally and medically speaking 'best' for babies and it's best for many Mums but putting yourself under enormous strain to breastfeed out of guilt and without support is certainly not going to be 'best' for anyone. If you want to breastfeed out of sheer determination and wanting and if your dh will support you then it's most certainly worth a try and our Michelle is proof that with hard work, time and determination it's possible.