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  • "Cheryl" started this thread

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Wednesday, January 6th 2010, 7:44pm

A Few Problems

I came home from hospital yesterday with my little boy who's now 5 days old bless him. Had to stay in hospital an extra couple of days because of problems breastfeeding. He wasnt really latching on and would go hysterical so I would spend hours trying then expressing then trying again and didnt sleep for days which got me into a right state. At first only way I could feed was on my left breast and laid down - can still only do this on my left side. Can now breastfeed on both sides stood up but Aiden is not in the position in all the books and videos, he is facing towards my body but diagonally down across my body, I have tried and tried getting him to be completely straight across under my boobs but he just wont latch that way. Also, when I am feeding he tends to unlatch every couple of minutes then turns his head in the wrong direction hunting for the nipple (ends up sucking on my arm!!!). I stare at him when he's feeding scared that he's not latched at all - are his cheeks puffed, can I hear him swallow, is his ear moving, arrgghhh I'm driving myself mad. Also worry about times as well, the midwives at the hospital said that breastfed babies can go between an hour and six hours between feeds and didnt seem worried with my ten minute feeds but when I read that people are feeding for 20-45 minutes every 1 to 2 of hours it really worries me. He has lost 6 pounds of his birth weight which the midwife said was fine, his poo is yellow and he does come off the breast of his own accord and settles straight afterward so am I worrying over nothing?
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Wednesday, January 6th 2010, 7:51pm

Hello there Cheryl

Sounds to me like things are fine. Im not sure on the position but Im guessing if he is happy and your not getting sore then thats fine.
Short feeds are also fine as he seems satisfied after feeds, some babies can get all they need in a short space of time.

TJ also does the turning wroung way hunting for nipple, made me giggle when I read your LO does same.

The first few weeks are so so hard, worrying constantly that your doing it wrong and is your baby getting enough but you honestly sound like your doing brillaintly, Im sure bells or Chris will be along soon but wanted to offer my support and just say how well your doing

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Wednesday, January 6th 2010, 10:58pm

congrats on Aiden Cheryl clap

Sorry you had to stay in hospital for a bit. Sounds like your doing great now though! Im really not the person to be passing on words of wisdom - my lo was a natural born sucker! But i just wanted to reassure you that there are plenty ladies here that have felt they have had problems feeding and very similar ones to you. Aiden is still so young and only getting to grips with feeding himself. 10mins is ample! If hes coming off the breast himself hes possibly had enough. My lo still only feeds for 10mins at a time. Always has. You have an efficient feeder there. Count yourself lucky :winking: His having dirty nappies not just wet ones which Im led to believe mean hes getting hind milk. I presume you mean hes lost 6oz and not 6lb.?( They can lose up to 10% so hes doing just fine! If he starts putting weight on shortly you know hes getting plenty. Hes just a little confused as to where to find the nipple!

Keep up the good work and before long youll both be happily feeding away :yes:
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Wednesday, January 6th 2010, 11:20pm

Hi Cheryl, congratulations on Aiden's arrival!

As Pammy and Lizzy have said, it sounds as if you're doing really well. If you hear him swallowing, he feeds for about 10 mins and comes off by himself and settles, and your nipples are not sore, and he has wet and dirty nappies,your positioning must be absolutely fine - don't try to change it!! :D


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Thursday, January 7th 2010, 9:27am

Hi Cheryl,

Easier said than done but try not to worry, I also had problems with suck early on but they resolved themselves over time. Jensen used to feed for only 5 minutes each feed (every 2-3 hours but would occasionally go 6 hours) and would be very difficult to latch. I don't know what changed but now he feeds for about 10 mins and has started gaining weight fine if baby is hungry after a feed you'll know about it! Breastfed babies gain weight slower than the growth charts suggest they should as they are based on formula fed bavies so don't worry if it looks like he's not keeping up, Jensen didn't regain his birth weight until he was a month old.

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Thursday, January 7th 2010, 12:04pm

Not much to add to the good advice that has already been given, but just to say both H and L were/are efficient feeders, and 10 mins would about average for them. All sounds like he is doing well, and so are you! xxx


  • "Cheryl" started this thread

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Children: Blessed with a beautiful little boy

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Thursday, January 7th 2010, 7:45pm

Aw thanks everyone, god this is difficult, I worry about absolutely everything, my worry today is temperature but I wont go into that here! Lol, yes Lizzy I did mean 6oz, my heads a shed at the minute xxx
1st ICSI blessed with Aiden Reece Parkin born 01.01.10

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