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  • "Sammysue" started this thread

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Tuesday, January 26th 2010, 9:07am

Out for the day without baby!!

Hi I am ment to be going to london on the 20th feb to watch xfactor so will be away from L for the whole day - plan A was to express enough for DH to bottle feed him but am worried now that i may not leave enough, he will be worried without me (yeah right lol ) my milk production will be effected and am worried that he's too young and will prefer the bottle to breast :sadface: we've been doing so great with BF that i dont want to ruin anything. He is happy to have EBM but i dont give it to him too much - he's prob only had half dozen bottles and i'm usually not too far away so can come home if a prob. He is also a greedy piggy so dont want him to get too windy if he's had bottle feeds all day as he drinks them so fast (burb him every oz).
We are going out next wknd for the eve (am driving) and that will be the 1st time i have left him with anyone for a length of time, usually only been a couple of hrs, so i can see how it goes then?
My friend will understand if i dont go but i wanna just make sure that my worries are real or i'm just making excuses not to leave my beany bum :snigger:
Thanks xx

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Tuesday, January 26th 2010, 9:28am

I think he'll be fine and I think you should go.

It's excellent that he will take a bottle of EBM, that's usually the single biggest reason that BF Mums can't leave their babies, so the fact he'll happily take a bottle is incredibly positive. Do offer the bottle regularly, just to keep the association up. Even just a tiny amount, perhaps an ounce a day or every couple of days. Sometimes babies decide they're not going to take a bottle again if you don't offer one for a period of time and it's always useful to know that you can be away from baby if you need to. It's a fine line between a baby preferring a bottle to the breast but at your stage of breastfeeding (almost two monsth now) and with you being exclusiveley breastfeeding it shouldn't be a problem.

You won't ruin breastfeeding by missing a day. You will be almost three months in and therefore your milk will be nice and established. You may get engorged and uncomfortable but there are things you can do to relieve this. You can either take a breastpump, nip to the loo and get some milk off (you'll have to throw it away) or you can hand express (which was what I used to do if I was engorged and nowhere near my baby). The bonus of this is that while solving an engorgement problem you're also stimulating your milk supply a little.

It will do Daddy the world of good to have baby all to himself. It really does help Dads see things from another perspective when they're alone with baby for more than an hour or two. It's a good opportunity for him to get to grips with your baby's quirks without the safety net of you being there.



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Tuesday, January 26th 2010, 3:27pm

Go go go!! Little Beany will be just fine and you are unlikely to leave too little milk. Figure out roughly how many feeds he will need while you are away, then add a couple more for safety just in case he wants an ounce or two extra in between feeds for comfort. Big dude will manage perfectly well on his own, his ma is just up the road and your ma is just up the road. It will do him the world of good, and will do you good too to be you instead of mummy you for a wee while. Take your manual breast pump with you and just pop into the ladies or a baby changing room every 3-4 hours and express a load off so you don't feel like you are dragging camels humps around in your bra all day. It won't effect your supply at all just for one day, especially if you pump it off at intervals anyhoo.

You'll have a wonderful time, and big dude will realise just what you do all day long which takes up all your time and leaves you no time to do his ironing! In fact, tell him that you expect all the housework and ironing to be done by the time you come home, and a hot meal on the table too!! :snigger:
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Tuesday, January 26th 2010, 6:19pm

I echo what the others have said. By then your milk will be well established so you shouldn't have a problem at all. One of the many wonderful things about breastfeeding is that its really flexible in these situations. I have just gone back to work and was a teeny bit apprehensive about leaving DD without gallons of milk when I am away from her. I don't seem to respond well to pumping so getting even 3oz of EBM is hard work, and DD likes around 4 or 5 feeds a day still. However, I find that if I am not there she gets by on a couple of ounces of EBM. Obviously she is weaned so is also having food and water but as long as you leave him enough EBM to keep him hydrated, he can just catch up when you get back to him.

Also I thought you should know that my DD1 was at least 12 months old before I actually enjoyed being away from her. I did go out, it was important to me that she would go to other people and as the others have said its good for them to be involved. But I found freedom to be vastly overated and I felt lonely, miserable and guilty without her. I'm glad I persevered though and now its great sometimes to go to the loo on my own! Not suggesting you shouldn't go or that you should if you really don't want to, just that its normal not to want to leave your LO.

Goodness me, I can go on!

  • "Sammysue" started this thread

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Children: one perfect little miracle baby boy - now trying for a little brother or sister !!

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Monday, February 8th 2010, 1:26pm

Hey ladies thanks for you replies but i have decided not to go!!
It worked out to be too expensive to go on the train so we were gonna get a coach but that would mean leaving my house at 8am and not getting back till gone 10:30pm which is too long. I know that L wouldnt miss me but i wouldnt have felt happy leaving him that long with bottles and dont think i could even express enough in time?? I would have felt all uncomfortable with bolder boobs even with hand expressing and would've missed him too much newshy
I went out on sat night for the 1st time and tht was bad enough lol
We're going to hammersmith to another concert at the end o april so will book the train soon and L will be that much older so shouldnt be too bad (yeah right lol )
But thanks so much for all your replies

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