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Wednesday, January 27th 2010, 12:03pm


OK, I have been gettong conflicting information about how freqently I should be bf Jensen (is there any subject regarding pregnancy and babies there is only one school of thought on). Basically the bf book I bought said bf should be every 2-4 hours, when Jensen was born he didn't feed well, in fact he didn't ask to be fed until he was 3 weeks old and prior to that I had to wake him to feed or he just wouldn't bother.The mw advised waking him every 3 hours to feed but I noticed that he would be on the boob for the same length of time regardless of the length of time between feeds and, as he was losing weight and I was being threatened with re-admission to hospital, I started feeding him every 2 hours to maximise the amount of mummy juice going in (and at this point he started gaining weight so it must have worked). When he finally started asking to be fed he continued on the 2 hourly schedule (day and night) and now puts on about 7oz a week (fantastic). Now, however, I am being advised that he should be feeding every 3-4 hours during the day and longer at night and I have effectively taught him to keep "topping up" every 2 hours instead of taking a full feed at alonger interval (he now feeds for about 10 -40 mins) and I should be lengethening the interval between feeds. Now I would love it if he went for longer periods (especially at night) but have always fed on demand and was assuming that sooner or later he would extend the feeding interval himself as he got older. So what is the truth? should I start trying to lengthen the interval because he never will or can I just continue as I am.

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Wednesday, January 27th 2010, 3:15pm

A good rule of thumb is that at a month babies need a feed every hour. At two months every two hours, at the months three hours and at four months four hours. Obviously this doesn't go on after 4-5 months as you need to get food into him frequently.... but I think it's a good benchmark for the first four months.

If he's gaining weight and not causing you any problems then I would carry on as you are. Ignore all advice from Mums using formula as it's obviously completely different stuff and takes much longer to get through the digestive system.



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Wednesday, January 27th 2010, 3:25pm


Hello Grace,

I am agree with Bells, if your LO is benefiting from boobies why not?continue how you are, BF babies is different from Bottle Feeding, from bottel you know exactly how much they eat but from boobies you dont.

My LO was hungry all the time, and he was feeding every 2 hours until 4 month but now is bother in the day just only when is tired he wants his boobies.looks like you are doing exelent job.

Tatiana :xxx3:
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Wednesday, January 27th 2010, 4:22pm

Hi Grace, he sounds pretty normal to me as B can still feed 2-3 hourly during the day & she is almost 4 months old! I have just let her lead me since her BF has been established (also needed prompted in the early days) & now we have a lovely routine. She has gradually stretched out the night periods herself & now usually only feeds once overnight between 7pm & 7am. I did nothing to prompt this, no dream feeds etc she just did it on her own. My mum tried to get me to give her a formula feed at night back in the early days of major sleep deprivation to make her go longer but i resisted & i am so glad i did. You are doing a FAB job & Jensens weight gain is testament to that!!! WELL DONE!
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