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Saturday, March 27th 2010, 6:57pm

9 months old and off evening meal?

Hello ladies,

I just waned to post my problem on here and see if anyone has experienced this before and if so ask for advice...

My daughter is 9 months old and and her feeding rattern/routine is as follows:

7.30 ish bowl of porridge or weetabix and a yoghurt

9.30am ish 5-6 oz of formula

12.30 ish lunch which can be beans on toast, cheese, yoghurt, fruit pot, HIPP jar, crisps etc... (not all but different combinations on each day!)

14.00 - 6-7 oz of formula

5.00 dinner ......... THIS IS WHERE MY PROBLEM IS!! She doesn't seem to want to eat anything, she will pick at things here and there but never seems to eat a "proper" meal

7.30ish 7oz Formula

She has in the last 2 weeks learnt to crawl and is all over the place... and I did read somewhere that when they start to crawl they can break their usual habbits of sleeping and eating. She used to be a reaaly good eater.

Has anyone any advice or experienced this? I would be very grateful for your thoughts


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Tuesday, March 30th 2010, 4:55pm

9 months old and decided to go on a hunger strike!


DD is 9 months old and is totally off her milk and food. She is a terrible etarer anyway but has definately got worse in the past month or so. SHe weighs 17 pound 6 ounces. Shd put on one ounces in two weeks kast week. She is still not really eating our food and the milk is a real nightmare. Today she has had so far

porridge and 2 petit filous with 4 ounces of milk and that took about one and half hours at about 8am, she has then had one ella and one apple custard at 1 pm and about 4 ounces of milk again and a few ounces of water through out the day. she has had a couple of rice cakes throughout the day. I am starting to worry about her weight. she is a very active baby and does not keep still though she is not yet crawling she does climb about the room. Any advice gratefully received. what weight are or was your 9 month old and what eating habits did they have?

verve x



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Tuesday, March 30th 2010, 9:11pm

I don't have DD2 weighed all that often but she weighed roughly the same as yours at that age. Its hard to say how much she actually eats because I tend to let her feed herself most meals and quite often find a lot of food underneath her or on the floor! What your DD is having sounds like a decent amount. Do you offer/does she have an evening meal? I think you are doing the right thing by giving her plenty of calcium rich foods (yogurt, porridge with milk, custard etc..) because I think she ought to be taking around 20 oz milk per day until the age of one. However, lots of babies go on a bit of a hunger strike now and again. It could be to do with teething, being too absorbed in other things, or possibly just to drive mum crazy (isn't it amazing how quickly they learn to do that?) It usually passes quickly enough and the next thing to worry about starts. Does she feed herself at all? Lots of babies seem to prefer it and get more food down that way. It sounds as if you are already giving plenty of finger foods so maybe you could try giving her a bit of something to feed herself when you all sit down for your meal. If a lot of what you are giving is pouches and yogurts, maybe she needs new textures to explore and keep her interested. Hope that helps.



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Wednesday, March 31st 2010, 8:39am

Ladies, I hope you don't mind, I've merged your threads as they were very similar and I've moved them here as they were tucked away at the bottom of the page and I think they were being missed.
Hope you get some good advice now (instead of just me waffling!).

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Wednesday, March 31st 2010, 9:47am

Hi ladies, sorry for hijacking the thread but found this interesting. I haven't had DD weighed for a while either and I've recently dropped a bottle so she only has one in the morning and one before bed. The reason I've done this is because she didn't seem interested in the mid afternoon one. She is now having about 12-14 oz a day but she has cheese and a yogurt every day so do you think this is enough calcium?