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Tuesday, January 18th 2011, 1:51pm

I am so scared!

Hi everyone!

I have even more bloods to be taken tomorrow and then more on my 2nd day of my cycle, not sure what they are expecting to gain when I never know if I am going to bleed. Could wait days, weeks or months and still nothing, can last between 1 and 21 days of bleeding!

They diagnosed PCOS and I have had scans but need to go for an X Ray (the one where they inject the dye) and I am really not looking forward to this.

I am more scared about these tests than I am at the thought of child birth!

Also, can anyone tell me if it is normal for my breasts to be uber sore for 4 weeks+? They are driving me round the bend and I wouldnt really be bothered if I knew why they were like this.

I have to be careful as Breast Cancer has run from my Nan, Auntie and my Mum and seems its inevitable that I will have this at some point but I am checking regular so I am sure that this is not the reason.

If anyone can shed any light on anything in relation to PCOS I would really appreciate it.

Whether it is what tests to expect or feelings to watch out for I would be pleased.

Many thanks ladies xxxxxxxxxx




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Tuesday, January 18th 2011, 2:29pm


Please try not to be scared of the tests. The tests are an important part of the process. You've had a diagnosis of PCOS but they need to make sure that your tubes aren't blocked and that everything else is good to go.

I had loads of blood tests done until eventually they decided that I wasn't going to ovulate after a day 53 blood test!

Its good that they are doing these tests.

I don't know about the breast pain but I would maybe see your GP and speak to them about it as breast cancer runs in your family. I would also tell them that you are worried and get them to explain exactly what tests they are doing.

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Tuesday, January 18th 2011, 6:33pm

Hello, I can understand why you are scared but without these tests they won't be able to get to the bottom of your infertility. The HSG (xray) is really not that bad so don't get stressed about it. The prodecure itself is slightly uncomfortable and you may have period type pains afterwards but it is over very quickly and you'll be wondering what you were worrying about. As for the blood tests well they become a part of life when undergoing fertility treatment. Different days of the month tell them different things so they will ask for them at different times. I guess with the PCOS it is a case of trial and error so don't worry.

We've all been through it and survived to tell the tale so please ask any questions you have and don't worry :hugs:

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Wednesday, January 19th 2011, 7:01pm

Verity and Flic have given you plenty of good advice. Don't be scared, the tests are ok really. They are to help you. here's a big :hugs:

Mr C


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Wednesday, January 19th 2011, 7:05pm

I'm afraid that I can't answer your questions, but I did want to pop in and say "Good Luck" on your journey, I hope that FZ is able to provide the support and answers that you need.

xfingers that you get the results you need.

Mr C
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The guest access to this forum was limited. Overall there are 9 Postings in this thread.
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