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Tuesday, April 12th 2011, 5:19pm

please help I am in total confusion

Hi FZ parents,

I have never posted here before as I am mostly posting on the PGD board.

Our story goes like this: we have our beautiful daugther who was conceived through ICSI with PGD (=pre-implantation genetic diagnosis). We would like to have other children (or at least one more) but for that we have to go down the PGD route again, as there is a genetic disease in the family we do not wish to pass on. Therefore we decided that I will breastfeed our daughter for 6 month only and than we can have another fresh ICSI-PGD cycle (sadly we had no frozen embryos left).

I feel bad enough about stopping breastfeeding so early but now I also realised I have no clue what will happen then. How do you stop breastfeeding when it is your decision not the baby's? I plan to give her purees from around 4 month old and than also finger food from 6 month old (I think that is called baby led weaning). I have also been expressing breastmilk for freezing since she was 1 month old but it is a very small amount I usually only get 2-3 oz per day :(

Will she be OK with my expressed milk + solids or do I have to give formula as well? Or can I just give plain milk instead? How long will my frozen supply last? How much do babies eat in one go and how many times per day do they need when already on solids as well? I have no idea as I hate expressing so much I rather breastfeed in public so I don't have to express any more. Once per day is already more than enough.

Hope you can help with my questions and I will be able to make a sensible plan. I have no intention to discuss all this with the health visitor or GP as I don't want my babies to be referred to as "IVF babies". But I know it would seem odd why am I stopping breastfeeding when that would be the easiest option.

Thanks, Rianon

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Tuesday, April 12th 2011, 7:03pm


Firstly, you have done a brilliant job to breastfeed for so long - six months is a great amount of time!

I am trying to wean my daughter of the breast at the moment as I am hoping to do a FET later this year, she is just over five months old.

You will need to get your LO onto formula as even when you start weaning, milk is still the main source of calories and nutrition. Cow's milk is not suitable for babies under a year old but there are several infant formulas available to try.

It may not be that easy to get her off the breast though, my LO is currently resisting the bottle completely even though she has taken one (with expressed milk) quite happily on regular occasions since about eight weeks! I am hoping to wean her off slowing, starting with introducing a bottle feed last thing in the evening and slowly building it up from there.

Lots of people stop breast feeding WAY before six months so it won't seem unusual to your health visitor/GP at all. I understand how you feel about discussing her IVF status, my LO is donor conceived and I am always having to state this when I am ask 'is there any family history' of this, that and the other..................

It might be worth you investing in a book on weaning as it will give a good idea of what you need to do and how much milk you'll still need to give (I've just bought an Annabel Karmel one, she seems to be the Queen of weaning!)

Hope this helps a bit and :goodluck: with your next treatment.


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Tuesday, April 12th 2011, 7:48pm

Hi There,

I started weaning my LO just before 6 months, but he had not had breastmilk since 8 weeks. None of the health professionals have ever questioned why I stopped breatsfeeding or even when, you do not have to answer to them about why which means you will not need to tell them about IVF. You have done so well to get to 6 months and I am sure you would only get praise for this!!!

In my area the local childrens centre run groups called Belly Babies which is for advice on feeding your baby, whether that be breast milk, formula or weaning. Maybe you could investigate if there is one local to you.

I'll try and answer a couple of your questions but I am sure others will soon be along who can also help......

When she is eating 3 meals a day you also need to give approx 20oz of milk, either formula or breast so it really depends on your frozen supply as to whether you have enough. You can store it in the freezer for 6 months. It is advised that you do not give cows milk until 12 months apart from in cooking, eg cheese sauce. The aim is to give them 3 meals per day but this takes time and and as you do this the milk intake will gradually decrease. As for how much they eat, it varies from one baby to the next. To begin with it may only be 1 or 2 ice cubes of frozen puree (if you are making your own). I used to defrost say 3 ice cubes,and if DS ate them all the next time I would offer 4 and kept increasing until he was not quite finishing his meals. Gracie has recommended Annabel Karmel, I have 1 of her books too which gives you a week by week plan. But the important thing to remember is that they are all different. There are lots of threads on here about Baby lead weaning it's probably worth having a look at one of these too.

I hope this helps!!!

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Wednesday, April 13th 2011, 6:07pm

Hi Gracie and Jasper,

Thanks very much for your replies I will definitely book a place on a weaning session I know they hold them monthly at the local clinic and will borrow some books from the library.

Gracie I haven't been breastfeeding yet for 6 month she is still a bit younger but I am hoping to. Good luck with your FET it would be wonderful for you to have a bigger family how many snow-babies do you have left? I remember when my SIL wanted to stop breastfeeding (which is a difficult decision in itself) when her little one was 1 year old the HV tried to talk her off instead of giving support argghhh. That's why I am a bit scared of them.

Jasper thanks for the numbers although it is not good news for me :( Although sometimes I have better days or maybe when she gets bigger I will have more milk but now on average I can express 2 oz per day. If she will have to have around 20 oz per day it means if I express for 5 month in total that is around 5 x 30 x 2 = 300; 300 / 20 = 15 so it will only last for 15 days :(

On another note although I know it is essential for young babies to get breast milk or formula I don't understand the hype about milk (for older babies) as I have just been to the supermarket and checked the ingredients of formula and it is skimmed milk + lactose (which is milk sugar) + vitamins + minerals. I am not against formula at all just find it is a bit of a hassle and I don't seem to get the point of it if I give my baby a healthy balanced diet food. I also think health professionals say different things at different times (I mean our parents time compared to now).

Thanks again :-)

xx Rianon

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Saturday, April 16th 2011, 3:26pm

I found a recipe for home-made formula: you can mix milk + baby-water + seed-oil + sugar in certain amounts and it is pretty much the same but than you have to make sure your baby gets enough vitamins from her food... sounds pretty complicated to me maybe better to stick to the formula from 6-12 month old and then just normal milk.

I am just a bit disheartened that in any other case I would happily breastfeed her for longer and now I am stopping for something which is not about her but about her siblings and might not even work :-( And it is also bad to realise all my hard work of expressing was for nothing.................

But at least weaning will be fun! :-)

xxx Rianon