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Tuesday, July 2nd 2013, 9:39pm

Help with giving water to 8 mth old

Hi everyone

My daughter is 8mths old eats well still on 3 bottles at the mo, but will not take any water or even juice or diluted fresh orange and water at all. I have tried 3 different cups and bottles and everytime I offer it to her she really turns her head away and point blank refuses. As soon as it goes In Her mouth she spits it out straight away.
Shall I worry or stress about it or just keep trying in the hope as she gets older she'll accept it.
We go abroad when she will be 10mths old so would be worried If she wasn't having then as surely she'll be thirsty like us during the day if its hot?!

Any advice or tips welcome

Thank you



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Tuesday, July 2nd 2013, 10:06pm

Hi flossyv

I went through the exact same thing but stick with it, I found quite strong diluting juice worked slightly better then I gradually diluted it now my ds just gets water, also my ds loved drinking from a normal cup, it's not ideal but it was better than nothing, also a free flowing cup worked best for us, I've just checked and we tried 6 different cups and I went back to the first which is a tommee tippy free flow cup with handles, I just constantly offered it through out the day, it took a while and my ds suffered terrible constipation due to lack of water but they all get there eventually

Good luck

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Wednesday, July 3rd 2013, 10:10am

I would say try not to worry as your DS will get there eventually. BUT...i know that you will worry, cos i know i did! :snigger: My DS was the same, i must have tried every cup under the sun and eventually i bought sistema drinking bottles and he finally drank from it! He did drink from a cup sometimes, but he would prefer to pour it everywhere. i worried so much he wouldn't ever drink water but when he was ready he did. If by holiday time your DS isn't drinking water still, i would just put extra water in her milk, if that is a possibility, just so you know she isn't dehydrated. She will get there hun, but i know its hard not to worry. My DS wont drink water at nursery as he doesn't like their cups and wants to drink from his own drinking bottle!!

Hope it all works out soon xx


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Friday, July 5th 2013, 4:11am


I never had this problem with water but had it with milk and still do lol! My sis gave me a tip if and when my ds was sick and wouldn't drink, am not sure if this helps or not but she sugggested soaking a clean sponge in drinking/bottled water and letting him suck on that? Also my uncle is a GP and used to laugh at me (this didn't help at me panicking over ds not drinking/eating). His advice was, is he sick/tired/showing any signs of being unwell? To which the answer was no as he could see my ds running around like a lunatic, his reply was he is doing great he is getting all he needs from his food if he wasn't he would be unwell. Then he said he would look at him but until he showed any signs of being ill he said just to enjoy him and stop panicking! I also had ds at a baby dr cause I thought my uncle was a bit too relaxed about the situation, I mean he didn't have into laugh in my worried face lol!! The baby dr said the same he's in great shape if a little underweight (that was his make up) and he didn't like milk (or lumpy food) so that's that stop worrying! Give him what he likes (non lumpy food) (he drinks water) and everyones happy.

My ds vomits on demand esp if theres lumpy food involved, even nowI at almost 2 he vomits, so if I can offer you any advise its this, your lo is prob getting enough fluids from her milk, you may see her water intake improve as she cuts down on her milk or you may not. Don't worry she will get enough to do her. I spent so much time worrying that I was bordering on obsessive! I tracked every ounce (and there wasn't that many) ds took. I had to feed him whilst he was sleeping cause the min he realised he was drinking a bottle he spit it out. Every ounce was a achievement (told you I was obsessived lol) I admitted defeat when he was 10 months old and gave up the fight and if there is one thing I learned its you can't force a baby to do something he doesn't want to do.

Sorry for rambling but I'm trying to save you some heartache (lthough I didn't believe 2 qualified doctors lol and my uncle has 3 sons and one was a vomitor,its a family trait!) Hope this helps, best of luck and enjoy your lo, God knows we waited long enough to get them :heart:
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Friday, July 5th 2013, 2:52pm

Hi all
Thanks for help and advice, I do try not to stress about it but it seems mummies seem to be programmed to just worry all the time!
Strangely she has been drinking for the cup without the lid on and me holding it with some bab juice so that's progress.
Jodiedoo weirdly she loves drinking from the sponge in the bath and thought should I try that then thought I would be weird doing it's funny how you said that! Made me laugh :)
Going to let her take the lead and as she is still on her bottles and eating well and putting weight on nicely I won't stress, thanks x



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Sunday, July 7th 2013, 8:49pm


I was interested to read your post as I am having very similar trouble. I even took Poppy to the doctor the other day as she is struggling with a bit of constipation (despite being BFed and consuming vast quantities of fruit and veg) and after a quick once over the doc assured me I just need to keep trying with the water as she just needs to get a bit more fluid down her.

Poppy was at the spitting it out stage until really just a couple of days ago and seems to now be happy to take sips throughout the day and she's had just of 50mls today. I am currently using the free flow Tommee Tippee but I really want to get her onto one of the valved ones so I don't have to keep mopping up mini floods!

Just keep trying and your LO will soon take to it I'm sure.


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Sunday, July 7th 2013, 11:03pm

I found that O would want to drink out of anything that I drank out of! Still does! This is how I get water into her!!

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