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Sunday, January 14th 2007, 5:19pm

Are we doing ok????

Hi Twins mummys and daddys we just want to check that we are feeding our little ones correctly, nd wondered if any one has any tips.

Todays feeds for example

Ruby had last feed at 21.50 yesterday evening then had 2.5 oz:Then

02:10 - 3oz
04:30 - 1.5 oz
07.35 - 2oz
11:00 - 1.5 oz
14:15 - 3 oz
and just ready for feed now

Sebastian last feed same time yesterday

02:10 - 3oz
05:45 - 1.5 oz
08:35 - 2oz
10:40 - 1.5 oz
14:15 - 2oz
and again stirring for feed now

We generally wake one twin to feed according to when the other cries and we change the bum of the sleepy one to wake them up is this ok???

Also i'm worried that they dont take enough food but they are only 5lbs 6 and 6lbs 6
how much should I give. we perservere with the bottle but once they are asleep there is no waking them.

Should we give a last bottle at a specific time???? or when they wake????

Thanks for any tips and advice guys xxxxx



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Sunday, January 14th 2007, 5:38pm

Hiya, Im not a twin mummy but that sounds ok to me. they are having 6 bottles a day and fairly regular with the times. I always used to try and make ella go 4 hours between feeds but thats harder with 2. are you using ff or expressing for their feeds?

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Sunday, January 14th 2007, 5:52pm


Im new to this too, Couldnt tell you what was right or wrong, but just for comparison Max & Jac where 6w Prem so we were in SCBU for 3weeks, we kind followed the rountine there and just adjusted it to suit us.

This is our routine -

6am - 210mls
10am - 180mls
2pm - 180mls
6pm -180mls

Bed 7pm

10pm - 210mls
2am - 150mls

Max Sleeps after 10pm feed to 6am, Jac still wakes for 2am,

I change and feed one an then wake the other to change and feed.

My DP feeds alone at 6am before work, So i can sleep jac can wake a few times and need to be ressetled he's better now we avoid giving him dummy, and if he has dummy we take it out before he nods off. They go back to bed after 6am feed and sleep soundly till about 9am

I think if you can manage your doing good no matter how or when you feed, its what ever suits You.

We had BIG problems with Jac to start with. I got no sleep for 4 nights. So im quite fir about them going to bed at 7pm, and slowley they now settle better and better.

Oh and there bottle fed not Breast (ont know which you do)

Its all a mystery I now keep a book as although I give the same amount some times they drain the bottle others I cant get them past 100ml.

Your post was a good idea, to give a bit of light on what other do.

Look forward to hearing how you go and any others

x x x
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Saturday, January 20th 2007, 8:14pm

you twin mummy's are bringing it all back to me, awwww those tiny amounts of milk, those night feeds, (so glad I don't miss them!!) tiny babies, heating milk up at daft o'clock!!! I can't really remember much in the newborn days but both your routines sound really good. One tip if you haven't got to change nappy then don't unless poo. We were changing M&D nappies for about 10 wks until one of my twin friend said don't worry nappies are designed to last 12 hours.

you may have one that sleeps through all night than the other, Daisy slept through from 6.30pm to 6am from 12 wks & Molly from 18 weeks but was much easier just feeding one as me & DH then took in turns to feed Molly.

Lulu, we didn't give their milk at a particular time, we would go to bed & wait for them to wake up, but we guaranteed it was when we got in bed!! 10pm & 2.30am was a time we use to do but it changed. It was lovely when they did sleep 12 hours, to get your sleep back is fantastic but at the time you can't see it because your so exhausted! their be saying Mama before you know it & your heart will melt! :D :D

Your both doing so well. well done from me.

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My family is now finally complete.

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